Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Stormblood Details

Posted on 21 Feb 2017 by
David Pink

During the hugely successful Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival that was held in Frankfurt, Germany, over the past weekend, Square Enix have given players plenty of exciting details about their upcoming second expansion, Stormblood, which is scheduled for release this June the 20th.

We here at Pixel Judge have previously mentioned several details about the future expansion coming to the massively popular Final Fantasy XIV just last month, such as the new Red Mage class, the ability (finally) to swim and explore the briny depths around Eorzea, the Ananta beast tribe, a Lakshmi Primal, new raids and new music from Nobuo Uematsu.

This time around, new details surrounding a second new class, one which should excite many die-hard Final Fantasy players, the classic Samurai job will be coming to FFXIV this June. Speaking of which, if you check out the amazing (as always Square, top notch CGI) trailer above, you’ll see the badass Auron-wannabe Samurai sickly dispatching his foes with such skill and grace as we pan out to see a birds-eyed view of the newest city of Kugane, also coming soon.

Additionally, players will be privy to the newest Beast Tribe, Kojin, as well as an exciting new Primal, Susano, two new challenging dungeons, Yanxia and The Azim Steppe, and finally, the far-eastern styled dwellings of the new Shirogane residential area. Oh, of course players will also enjoy the increased level cap of 70 (woot, more grinding for hours!) which will open up plenty of more opportunities to expand our wardrobe and skill lists with all the new gear and skills coming with Stormblood.

I’ve only recently started playing Final Fantasy XIV (a week now to be precise, thanks again Saftle for the gift!) and I’m absolutely loving it, the unique job/class combining system and ability to be any class/job you choose on the fly instead of re-rolling a new toon is easily my favorite part of the game, with two more classes coming soon, my excitement levels are about to burst!

Once again, before you go, check out the stellar CGI cut-scene above for some Samurai bad-assery action, and take a gander down below for a few in-game screen shots from the upcoming expansion. Now to power through the base game (A Realm Reborn) until I get into the first expansions content, (Heavensword) with only 58 more sleeps to go until the second expansions release, I’m hoping that’s enough time to explore everything the game has to offer before getting lost in Stormblood’s new content this June.

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