Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker – Delayed to December

Square Enix’s fantastic MMO Final Fantasy XIV will be getting another new expansion soon; titled Endwalker, the expansion will bring new raids, new housing area, new crafting and gathering actions, and new role quests, as well as other smaller changes. Endwalker is releasing on 7 December 2021. Check out the press release below for more…

Final Fantasy XIV – Endwalker Expansion Announcement

Square Enix's fancy housing market and dress up sim MMO Final Fantasy XIV is going to be receiving a new expansion titled Endwalker in Autumn of this year. The expansion will feature the finale to the years long saga and open the doors for the beginning of a new story. New zones, dungeons, difficulty, and…

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Extended Trailer

Shadowbringers is the upcoming expansion to Final Fantasy XIV. Along with the extended trailer released today, new features of the expansion were revealed including; two new playable races (female only Viera, and male only Hrothgar), a new Dancer Job, two new cities, a new raid, and new beast tribes and areas.

Final Fantasy XIV – Shadowbringers Launching July

The third expansion for the long-running Final Fantasy 14 MMO is releasing on 2 July 2019. Also revealed is the inclusion of the new playable Viera race, new Gunbreaker job that used gunblades, NPC party members for dungeons, a Nier event named YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse, new areas, and a new beast tribe and primal. Additionally…

Final Fantasy XIV – Shadowbringers Expansion Announced

The excellent MMO Final Fantasy XIV will be receiving its third expansion in the summer of next year. Titled Shadowbringers, the new expansion will have a new playable race, multiple new jobs (including Blue Mage), increased level caps, and much more. Check out the press release below for more info.

Final Fantasy XIV The Legend Returns Details

Final Fantasy has been to a lot of unique and interesting worlds but not many can compare to the two titans of the series – Eorzea from FF14 and Ivalice from FF12, the Tactics series, and Vagrant Story. The latter is making its way to Final Fantasy XIV soon with the release of patch 4.1…

Final Fantasy XIV To Celebrate Four Years

Final Fantasy XIV may have gotten off to a rocky start but the re-launch, A Realm Reborn turned it into the best MMO around. It looks like it's here to stay too, as the game and its developers are preparing to celebrate the game's fourth anniversary. Any game should be proud of still having active…

FFXIV: Stormblood Now Available

The long awaited and highly anticipated expansion to Square Enix's massively popular MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, has gone live today! Aiming to further rob you of your precious time, players can enjoy a whole new world and new ways to play with the 'Stormblood' expansion. Take on the adventure of a life time with your…
ANNOUNCEMENT 21 Feb 2017­ by David Pink

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Stormblood Details

During the hugely successful Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival that was held in Frankfurt, Germany, over the past weekend, Square Enix have given players plenty of exciting details about their upcoming second expansion, Stormblood, which is scheduled for release this June the 20th. We here at Pixel Judge have previously mentioned several details about the…
ANNOUNCEMENT 11 Jan 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5 and Stormblood Details

The latest upcoming patch for the Heavensward expansion is entitled “The Far Edge of Fate,” and takes players to new dungeons, exploring new questlines and adding new bosses. Also coming in the massive Final Fantasy RPG is new glamour options for pets, and an update to the Party Finder system, which, instead of limiting its…