Dark Souls III VHS Edition

Posted on 01 Apr 2016 by
Simon Sirmenis

If you are a bit behind with tech that can’t do HD and other crap like discs or downloads even then Bandai Namco has you covered. They are releasing Dark Souls III in a VHS form, including a bonus (not specified if it’s pre-order or DLC) of 80’s style narration and B movie vibe!

Seeing as you already crawled out of under that rock, go get your VHS DS III while supplies last!

Official Press Release

Dark voices have been whispering the news from the shadows, Dark Souls III is coming to your television on VHS on April 12th! A long time ago, in a world deep in the darkest ages, hellish fiends ruled over this land. But one man, will rise up, and raise a whole lotta hell. When you pick a fight with the devil, you’d better be stronger than hell!

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