NEWS 31 Aug 2017­ by Lee Braden

Survival by Bullet Hell

Digital Extremes and Human Head Studios bust out some strange fun in their new MMO Survived By. While not a traditional MMO, Survived By is a Retro-style F2P MMO with permadeath and Bullet Hell modes, it is possibly the strangest mashup that I have had to write about with my time at Pixel Judge. Pushed…
GAME PROFILE 31 Aug 2017 by Jay

Survived By

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Dead Maze, a New Zombie MMO in 2018

Developer Atelier 801, previously responsible for the cutesy free to play platformer Transformice, have announced they're working on a free-to-play zombie survival MMO titled Dead Maze. In the new game players will team up with others to scavenge for supplies and work together to rebuild society, if they're to survive. Uniquely amongst modern MMOs, Dead…
GAME PROFILE 12 Aug 2017 by Jay

Dead Maze

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Begin the Journey with Tree of Life Launch Trailer

After development began back in 2012, with a successful Steam Early Access launch in 2015, OddOneGames' sandbox-adventure MMORPG, Tree of Life, is set to officially release this August. A colorful voxel engine game with a unique style that has players crafting, building and surviving as they embark on the most epic of adventures together, or…
GAME PROFILE 11 Jul 2017 by Hendrik

Tree of Life

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Star Conflict Major DLC Update Released

Gaijin Entertainment and Star Gem Inc. have just released a major update to their sci-fi action MMO, Star Conflict. "Engineer Evolved" brings with it a third class of customizable "Evolution" player ships, which can evolve to perfectly fit each players style with a wide range of weapon and module load outs. Also being updated was…
GAME PROFILE 30 Jun 2017 by David

Star Conflict

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Pixel Worlds MMO Launches This Week

From Finnish developer Kukouri, comes the announcement that their charming 2D social sandbox MMO, Pixel Worlds, will officially launch this June 9th. Previously enjoyed by the masses on the mobile market, this pixel art graphic building game is coming to PC and Mac users, with the addition of a cross-play feature so that everyone can…

Albion Online’s Launch Day Grows Closer

Sandbox Interactive's unique sandbox-MMORPG hybrid, Albion Online, has it's eyes set on a July 17th, 2017 release date. Until then, players can enjoy the last big update to hit Albion online while the launch day looms in the distance. The upcoming 'Hector' update will be good to go on June 7th, below you will find…