Star Conflict Major DLC Update Released

Posted on 30 Jun 2017

Gaijin Entertainment and Star Gem Inc. have just released a major update to their sci-fi action MMO, Star Conflict. “Engineer Evolved” brings with it a third class of customizable “Evolution” player ships, which can evolve to perfectly fit each players style with a wide range of weapon and module load outs. Also being updated was the in-game Trading System, various interface tweaks, player ship balances, revised Contracts, and general bug-fixes. For a complete detailing of today’s 1.4.5 “Engineer Evolved” update, check out the official site here and enjoy!

Official Press Release

Star Conflict: “Engineer Evolved” released

Major update adds new customizeable spacecraft, improvements to the ingame market and other features and improvements

Friday, June 30, 2017 — StarGem Inc. and Gaijin Entertainment today released the “Engineer Evolved” Update for the Sci-Fi Action MMO Star Conflict, which adds the third class of player-customizable “Evolution” ships  introduced to the game earlier this year. The new Waz’Got engineering frigate, which appears next to the “Evolution” fighter Thar’Ga and interceptor Tai’Kin, shares the same degree of customizability as its predecessors, allowing it to be multiple different ships in one. By evolving the hull of the Waz’Got and equipping it with a wide selection of weapons and modules, pilots will be able to design a vessel that perfectly matches their preferred style of play.

Especially distinctive for the Waz’Got are its special modules, whose main source of energy are the remains of destroyed enemy and allied ships. Offensive-minded players will enjoy the ‘Scavenger Drones’, a module that allows the ship to collect the remains of destroyed vessels to create drones in battle, which will not only protect the mothership from enemy attacks, but also repair damage sustained in combat. Players that want to support their teammates can do so by equipping the frigate with the ‘Emergency Jump’ module, which allows it to pull a chosen ally out of even the most desperate situations to a safe distance away from any enemy. And besides its impressive special modules, the laser weaponry of the Waz’Got is equally versatile, as hits on friendly targets restore both hull and shields.

This wide array of roles and possibilities will make the new “Evolution” ship a welcome member of any space armada. Star Conflict players will gain the necessary resources to create the cabin and special modules of the Waz’Got by fulfilling special tasks in the game. The resulting vessel will grow consecutively stronger, starting from the fifth up to the highest tier, with each stage of development featuring its own special tasks.

Many of the resources used in crafting can be traded on the ingame market, which has seen significant convenience improvements with the “Engineer Evolved” Update. Now, all buy and sell orders for resources are displayed on a special bulletin board, which can be sorted by item type and price.

Find out more about the Waz’Got and other additions of the new update on the official website at http:///


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