Trek to Yomi – Releasing May

Samurai action game Trek to Yomi is bringing its beautiful black and white tribute to Akira Kurosawa movies to PC and consoles on 5 May 2021. The game will also be releasing on Game Pass. Check out the new trailer above and press release below for more info.

Trek to Yomi – Gameplay Trailer

Leonard Menchiari, Flying Wild Hog, and Devolver Digital have announced that their black and white adventure about a lone samurai in feudal Japan has a brand new gameplay trailer, which you can watch above. There’s plenty of old-school samurai movie style from burning villages to rice-paper wall silhouette fights so it’s well worth a look.
NEWS 13 Jun 2021­ by Jay Shaw

E3: Devolver Digital Max Pass + 2021

Devolver Digital is back with another show full of games and completely unrelated shenanigans. As usual we'll be skipping over the shenanigans in favour of focusing on the games. If you want to see what swear filled nonsense the publisher has cooked up this year you can check out the full embed above. To the…