What Lurks Beneath a Vampyr’s Medical Gown

Posted on 23 Dec 2016 by
L Coulsen

Coming in 2017, we are still oh so cryptically told, but the increasing frequency with which screenshots and videos for Vampyr are starting to show up, would suggest an arrival decidedly on the early side of the coming year. This latest offering is a pretty typical Focus Home teaser, telling us absolutely sweet bugger all about, well, anything, and yet trigger that primal “I WANT” response.

It consists of some sweeping (as in literally sweeping from one side to another) establishing shots of the in game assets, coupled with some hauntingly Gothic music, with snippets of dialogue layered over the top. A bit of a disjointed jumble of praise, suspicion and creeping discomfort about game protagonist, Doctor Jonathan Reid. Which is, yeah, that’s what I want too.

Now if they could just give us a more precise release window than an entire bloody year… that would be great.

Official Press Release

Discover the duality of man and monster in Vampyr’s Darkness Within trailer

Dontnod Entertainment’s new action RPG Vampyr today unveils a new cinematic trailer depicting the legends and tales of its mysterious protagonist, Dr Jonathan Reid. Set in 1918 London during a deadly bout of the Spanish Flu that left London’s alleys and promenade’s wailing in agony, Dr Reid awakes having arrived home from serving in the Great War with a deathly new ailment: vampirism. A Doctor, Reid considers his affliction another disease. As he tries to understand and to live with it, he desperately tries to continue his life as a doctor, helping those stricken with flu.

Watch today’s trailer to hear whispers in the night from Vampyr’s many citizens – each with their own names, back stories, and daily lives. When Vampyr releases in 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, it will be you who decides whether to shrug off his ghoulish reputation, or lay waste to London’s already troubled streets.

In Vampyr, every citizen killed will affect London’s safety. From shop closures to missing kin, the act of killing is unavoidable, but who you kill, and how, is in your hands. Every civilian can be killed, or saved – but as hordes of vampire hunters prowl the streets, growing strong on the blood of the weak will be ever more tempting.

Embrace the legend in Vampyr, coming 2017 to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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