DONTNOD Playing Alpha in First Vampyr Gameplay Trailer

Posted on 27 Aug 2016 by
L Coulsen

The first thing to note about Vampyr, is that protagonist Jonathan is not the only vampire in the world. That’s actually something that I’ve been wondering about since the very beginning. Common sense dictates there must have been at least one other, the one who turned Doctor Reed. But with the premise focusing so heavily around a blood born infection, it was not a foregone conclusion. This now brings several new questions. Is the infection not actually an infection? It would seem likely, there’s more at play here than natural selection. The Spanish flu epidemic was a very real thing of course, but poetic license does not constrain one to exclusively real world facts.


Narrative pondering aside, it must be stressed that the above fifteen minutes is taken from a pre-Alpha build of the game. Meaning there is a great deal of wiggle room left for change, between now and the finished product. But many of the gameplay mechanics shown are intended to be the backbone of the game, so things like the investigation elements are unlikely to change at all. Though combat is still very rough around the edges, and is currently still being developed. So take what’s shown as nothing more than a rough idea.

As for everything else, the in game assets are already, clearly, in a near final state, and look damn fine for it too. It actually rather reminds me of the recent Sherlock Holmes games. Both in gameplay and tone. Though things are notably, physically darker here. Though the inclusion of a conversation wheel offers more opportunity for divergence in narrative flow.

Vampyr is currently set for release across all major platforms some time in 2017.

Official Press Release

Vampyr awakens 15min of pre-alpha gameplay from the crypt

The past week’s Gamescom 2016 has been the perfect opportunity for journalists to discover Vampyr, the Action-RPG from DontNod, the creators of Life is Strange. The press had the chance to attend presentations made by the developers, and thus learn more about the game, its story and its gameplay mechanics.

We’re extending that invitation to those of you at home in the form of a 15 minute gameplay video of our pre-alpha version, showcasing some of the ideas that make Vampyr a unique gameplay experience, where the narrative is directly tied to the gameplay. Without any spoilers, our presentation begins a little after the beginning of the game. Now aware of being a vampire, our protagonist Dr Jonathan Reid must come to terms with what he has become, meeting some of the characters you will interact with along your journey – some of whom are aware of what you are, and also share the same affliction.

This video is taken from a pre-alpha version of the game, and while many aspects are still very early in their development process – notably the combat system – you’ll get to see many of the gameplay ideas currently being worked on.

Investigate the people of London, and peer through their bodies to see the quality of blood that flows through them. Perhaps you find a terrible person who you believe deserves to die, and decide to feed on him. But what if he suffers from poor quality blood? Perhaps a father – with no reason to lose his life – has the purest blood, and will therefore gain you greater experience points… your moral choices will directly affect the game world as you struggle to come to terms with your human/vampire duality.

Taking lives in London is not easy. Killing too many in a district may cause its infrastructure to collapse and turn into disarray. Every single life will also have a butterfly effect on the other NPCs surrounding them. Every life you take away will have consequences for the city and the people around them: Cursed be the choice!

Vampyr comes out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2017.

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