Vampyr Screenshots Show Reid’s Combat Prowess

Posted on 29 Sep 2016 by
L Coulsen

A scant month since DONTNOD showed us some rough alpha gameplay of supernatural action sleuthing game Vampyr and now we have a few screenshots showing a world of progress. Where the previous video showed combat only in its most basic, cheap and cheerful conceptual sense, we now have a much clearer idea of Doctor Reid’s full potential. It actually all sounds not too dissimilar to the other Focus published games, the Spiders action RPG series. With a ‘Blood’ Gauge that will charge as you attack and dodge your way through combat, until Jon boys vampyric nature takes over and he bitchslaps his opponents with some supernatural powers such as what I like to call the “finger bang buffet of ultimate beatdown.”

Of course, straight up fisticuffs is not the only method the good Doctor has for dealing with a given situation. Especially if he wishes to remain a, you know, good Doctor. After all, each death in game is promised to have a genuine, discernible impact on the world at large. Like authorities noticing that people are being sliced up like confetti all of a sudden, that tends to turn a few heads. But should you wish to give in to the beast within, a non-linear skill tree means you’ll have more than a handful of nifty tricks at your disposal.

So the real question, is not so much which style of combat you wish to develop your expertise in, but whether you want to go down that road at all. The problem is that there will be so many ways to do it, the temptation might just be one too great. But then, that’s the whole point isn’t it. Hero or monster. Make your choice.


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