Two Point Hospital – Building a Game with Personality Trailer

Posted on 25 Apr 2018

Spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, Two Point Hospital is shaping up to look the part. You can check out the trailer above for the developers talking about making the game and giving characters personality to make the comings and goings of the people who’ll dirty up your shiny new hospital interesting. There’s also some new gameplay footage showing off various aspects of the game.

Official Press Release

Two Point Hospital Dev Diary – How to build a game with personality

Two Point Hospital’s Lead Designer, Ben Huskins and Lead Animator, Chris Knott talk us through the little nuances of character interaction in the game that will bring your hospitals to life. Get the inside scoop here:

Every little person in Two Point Hospital has their own set of character traits which form unique personalities and the end result is a near unlimited amount of emergent gameplay possibilities. You’ll need to manage these personalities in the right way to ensure the smooth running of your hospitals. Or you know, don’t, and laugh maniacally as chaos unfolds!

For more information about Two Point Hospital visit Here you can sign up for the Hospital Pass where you’ll receive a free in-game item, the coveted Golden Toilet. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube too.

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