Two Point Hospital – Close Encounters DLC Announcement

Wacky hospital sim Two Point Hospital is getting a new expansion titled Close Encounters on 29 August 2019. The new expansion will feature various alien species, 34 new illnesses, 3 new rooms, and more. Check out the press release below for more info.
NEWS 04 Mar 2019­ by L Coulsen

Two Point Hospital DLC Makes You Live Forever

On March 18th we're getting some now content for Two Point Hospital that will legit make you immortal! There's a spring on the tropical Pebbery Island, which is part of the county where the game takes place, that is rumoured to give eternal life. And it will be all yours for only £6.99, or 10%…

Two Point Hospital – Building a Game with Personality Trai…

Spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, Two Point Hospital is shaping up to look the part. You can check out the trailer above for the developers talking about making the game and giving characters personality to make the comings and goings of the people who'll dirty up your shiny new hospital interesting. There's also some new…

Two Point Hospital Gameplay Reveal

Anyone who went to the PC Gamer Weekender will have already seen this new trailer showing off the gameplay of Two Point Hospital. Watch the video above to see the developers talk you through some of the gameplay including building and progression, staff, managing your staff and patient needs, and the various overlays that show…

Two Point Hospital Developer Vision Trailer

Recently announced Two Point Hospital now has a new video, embedded above, that outlines the vision developer Two Point Studios have for the game. There's a bit of new gameplay footage, and an image of an in-development helicopter, which we can only assume gets stuck up a patient's rectum because this is a hospital game.…

Two Point Hospital Announced

People are developing “light-headedness” which the above trailer likes to say with a punny tone so thick it practically forces a cringe onto your face. Anyway, Two Point Hospital is there to help these people with lightbulbs instead of heads because, reasons? Two Point Hospital is being developed by Two Point Studios, including the creators…
GAME PROFILE 16 Jan 2018 by Jay

Two Point Hospital

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