Tron: Evolution – Now Unplayable Because of DRM

Posted on 04 Dec 2019 by
Jay Shaw

Thanks to SecuROM, the movie tie-in game from 2010 Tron: Evolution is now unplayable, but it’s not entirely their fault. Thanks to Andytizer over on the PCGamingWiki forums who originally posted about this, we know that both the retail and Steam (now de-listed) versions of the game are unplayable. Attempting to boot either of them results in a SecuROM error message stating their unlock codes were revoked.

Steam user SillyWalk managed to get a response from SecuROM over on the Steam forums in which SecuROM state that “Disney decided not to use SecuROM any further.” SillyWalk also speculates that Disney didn’t buy SecuROM’s service as a “one time purchase” type thing but as a subscription type service. SecuROM validated this speculation by saying “You are right with your assumption, we can’t run this service anymore for for[sic] Disney titles, therefore all activations are denied. Best would be to contact Disney to get a refund for your purchase or convince them to release an unprotected version of the game.”

SillyWalk then contacted Disney along with another user called raidebaron and separately received the same response from Sony: “Our team is aware that the activation site for this game is no longer live and has since been shut down. At this time, if the game was not already previously installed it will no longer be able to be launched. We are looking into this hiccup and hoping to patch this in the future. However, at this time we do not have any current estimated time on when this will be.” Long story short, Sony are planning to patch out the SecuROM check but don’t know when.

If you’re not the patient type (and we wouldn’t hold our breath either) you can always try an old NoCD crack for the game as it’s from an era where such things were common. We’re not allowed to tell you where to find such things but they shouldn’t be hard to find even now. As always when downloading things from strange websites, please be careful and scan every file before you use it and if you’ve ever got any doubts as to the integrity of the file, delete it immediately.

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