Kingdom Hearts – Finally Coming to PC via Epic

Epic have revealed that Disney and Square Enix's much loved franchise mash up Kingdom Hearts will finally be making its way to PC after what feels like an eternity. The eleven games will be split into four releases, detailed in the press release below, with the newer games releasing on their own and older games…
GAME PROFILE 12 Feb 2021 by Jay

Kingdom Hearts

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NEWS 04 Dec 2019­ by Jay Shaw

Tron: Evolution – Now Unplayable Because of DRM

Thanks to SecuROM, the movie tie-in game from 2010 Tron: Evolution is now unplayable, but it's not entirely their fault. Thanks to Andytizer over on the PCGamingWiki forums who originally posted about this, we know that both the retail and Steam (now de-listed) versions of the game are unplayable. Attempting to boot either of them…
GAME PROFILE 04 Dec 2019 by Jay

Tron: Evolution

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