Strike Vector EX Returns With Open Beta

Posted on 10 Jul 2017

Ragequit Corporation’s 2014 fast-paced, aerial-combat multiplayer game, Strike Vector, is heading back to the shores of Steam after spending some time cruising around on PlayStation 4. Since its departure, the mixed reviewed game has picked up a few new tricks, the most exciting one being a brand new single-player campaign spanning over 15 story missions. Also tagging along is an Open Beta for all those interested to check out what the new and improved game has to offer, which will run up until Strike Vector EX launches on July 18th.

Official Press Release

After the PS4, Strike Vector EX, the Fastest Paced Aerial shooter is coming back to Steam!

Strike Vector EX is now available for free for two weeks from the 5th of July to the 18th of July as an open beta. The final version will be available the 18th of July.

Strike Vector EX is a multiplayer competitive aerial combat game somewhere between StarFox and Doom on steroids. To complement the already solid competitive multiplayer modes, the game also features a brand new single-player campaign! Follow the story of Marv, a young pilot who will have to make his way to the top in a dystopian and violent aerial world. Try to get through 15 unique story missions and improve your score in the leaderboards to show your friend you’re the best pilot around.

Strike Vector EX will be available on Steam the 18th of July for $11.90 with a 15% discount at launch, as well as a special 50% discount for the owners of the original Strike Vector game.


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