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It seems Strike Vector got some sort of remaster, the first iteration of this competitive multiplayer-only game was released back in early 2014 with positive receptions. However, as it’s sadly the case with most multiplayer focused games, the game died out just a few months after release. Not because the game is bad, which it wasn’t by any means, it just failed to attract a big enough player-base to sustain itself, something even Titanfall 2 is struggling with.

For the sake of Ragequit Corporation, I hope the game stays relevant long enough find its audience and forms a healthy, stable player-base. With the great addition of a singleplayer campaign in the new and improved Strike Vector EX, it might just have a chance this time around. So, you might be asking yourself, what the heck is Strike Vector even about? I think the developer himself found quite an efficient way to describe it; “a multiplayer competitive aerial combat game somewhere between StarFox and DOOM on steroids.

Strike Vector EX is currently on sale with a 15% off discount via Steam during it’s launch until August 16th, and if you own the previous game, you will receive a special 50% off discount. So go get it now while it’s basically a steal, and let’s hope enough people join in and stick around this time.

Official Press Release

After its release on PS4, Strike Vector EX, the Fastest Paced Aerial shooter is now available

Find it on Steam for $11.90 with a 15% discount at launch, as well as a special 50% discount for the owners of the original Strike Vector game.

Strike Vector EX is a multiplayer competitive aerial combat game somewhere between StarFox and Doom on steroids. To complement the already solid competitive multiplayer modes, the game now features a brand new single-player campaign! Follow the story of Marv, a young pilot who will have to make his way to the top in a dystopian and violent aerial world. Try to get through 15 unique story missions and improve your score in the leaderboards to show your friend you’re the best pilot around.


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