Stellaris Readies for the Biggest DLC yet – Leviathans

Posted on 17 Sep 2016 by
Stephen Haselden

Paradox have released three DLC’s for Stellaris so far: the soundtrack, Plantoids (a race pack) and Infinite Frontiers (and Ebook). Now however, they are about to release their biggest DLC so far adding a vast amount of new content with their upcoming Leviathans DLC.

Leviathans fleshes out the vast galaxy, injecting new excitement into exploration, new challenges into expansion, and new toys for exploiting. It also adds new gameplay options, new music and various other content.

For players who’ve been addicted to Stellaris for the last four months, this will add fresh reasons to conquer the unknown. For everyone else, it’s all the more reason to discover your inner Star Emperor and finally give the game a try.

More details of what can be discovered in the upcoming DLC, can be found in the press release attached.

Official Press Release

STOCKHOLM – 15 September, 2016 – Space is lovely, dark and deep, but it has secrets it wants to keep. Rich systems defended by fierce creatures, hostile pockets of resistance to your civilization, and the sleeping giants of the universe – the Fallen Empires who may yet be stirred from their centuries long indolence.

In Stellaris: Leviathans, the galaxy will be filled anew with adventure and challenge as your new and naïve space-faring empire comes face-to-face and ship-to-ship with a host of dangers and rewards.

Features of Stellaris: Leviathans include:

  • Guardians: Powerful space entities with mysterious origins and motives. Fight or investigate them to unlock technologies and gain access to great treasures.
  • Enclaves: Independent outposts of traders and artists who are willing to make a deal. Exchange resources, purchase information about the galaxy, or commission a great work of art for your empire.
  • War In Heaven: What happens to your fledgling empire if two ancient Fallen Empires decide to renew old grievances in a War in Heaven?  Will you err on the side of caution and take a side with the stronger power, or will you strike at both whilst they are occupied with their own titanic struggle?

Leviathans is the first Story Pack for Stellaris, Paradox Development Studio’s best-selling science fiction strategy game. With new events, new encounters and new options, Leviathans adds a lot of new material, including new music and sounds, to one of 2016’s biggest strategy hits.

Stellaris: Leviathans will be available this Autumn.

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