Posted on 24 May 2016 by Stephen Haselden

Paradox Reacts to Racism

I relate gaming to “going round a friend’s house”, I’m there to kick back, have fun, and crush my enemy into dust. Telling people my world view/ideology is just rude under the circumstance. But politics creeps into everything eventually.

Paradox have recently been dragged into “making a political statement”. Let’s be clear here, they were not given a choice. Their recent and massively moddable new game Stellaris, has had a mod released for it that turns all humans into “Europeans”. In truth, what it really does is remove any avatars that are not white.

Now of itself, such a mod is not really provocative and not even offensive, Stellaris, like many games, is all about role playing and there are plenty of innocent roles such a race pack could take, but ultimately it still doesn’t matter. If someone’s that narrow minded that they want to pretend that only white people make it into space, then they’re going to pretend that with or without this mod.

Stellaris – Grand modability on a controversial scale.



Now the internet being the internet meant that this mod (also available on moddb) quickly gained a comment section akin to cesspool. That doesn’t need a reason to happen, that’s merely the sort of spontaneous reaction you get when you give anonymity to narcissists, i.e. use the internet.

However what eventually tipped the boat was when the mod author changed the mods description to one that clearly had a political agenda. As can be seen below, the mod author says “there’s no multiculturalism here”. Maybe that’s not an out and out “Zieg Hiel” but it doesn’t leave any room for doubt of their meaning either. Also on the site was a link to video by “Progeny of Europe” that promotes a racist agenda too.

At this point Paradox decided to pull the mod. I’m glad they did to be honest, I’m sure that many people will argue that modding is a sacred cow and that “people should be allowed make any mod they like”. Well I agree with that mostly, but this was no longer a mod. This mod has become a propaganda tool, one that has hijacked a game and hijacked modding to support its cause.

“But paradox should not have got involved.”

Welcome to the white planet.



You’re right, they should NOT have been brought into this. I don’t want Paradox, a great games studio, to have its future jeopardised because it was dragged into a political argument, but they didn’t have a choice. They were dragged into this by the mods author. They were dragged into this by the mods very existence, and the fact that their game, their business was being made to promote a political agenda. Every minute they let this mod run (once its agenda became clear) was another minute where they were brought into this argument, and made to look like they supported this agenda.

Paradox had no choice, banning the mod was their only sensible course of action. But as it turns out, this whole thing might have just been a joke, a sick attempt at trolling. If you follow that YouTube link, and listen to the arguments made, one of the first things said is that in order to make this argument for a “white” Europe, all studies, and research and all facts need to be ignored, and instead a reliance on philosophy alone is needed.

As far as critical arguments go, that one’s akin to saying “my dad’s bigger than yours”.

So this mod author was a troll, he was making a joke of racists, a joke of SJW’s, a joke of Paradox, but most of all he was making a joke of gamers. He’s taken a tool for freedom and community, and caused division and censorship. Trolls are not a gamer’s friend.

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L Coulsen
Posted 25 May 2016, 13:49
@Omni:'s current year!

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L Coulsen
Posted 25 May 2016, 13:48
Peeps don't seem to realise that Europe also contains large swathes of the Mediterranean. Most of who are rather...tanned

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Stephen Haselden
Posted 25 May 2016, 13:26
Just a reminder, this Mod was not banned for simply having white people, it was allowed to run without censorship until it started promoting an agenda too.
There are other race mods that do not have agendas. Some of them even come in race packs so you can have several empires at once with seperate nationalities, and yes there are other mods which give you white only humans, and they have not been banned.

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David Pink
Posted 25 May 2016, 11:35
Sadly, stuff like this is only going to get worse before it gets better... the rise of the "SJW" cult (yes. cult, that IS what it is) has done nothing but bring pain and misery in it's wake. Companies big and small buckle under the pressure of this tiny minority and bend over backwards for generation "butthurt".. it's quite disgusting to be honest, one of the many reasons why I don't engage in social media like Reddit, and Twiiter, you have to walk on eggshells around people, have to worry what you can say that won't have a legion of whiny, self-entitled shit stains jumping on you or worse yet, at least in Canada, you could get arrested for offending someones "feelz" or telling an offensive joke.... I kid you not. Political correctness has gotten way out of hand... all while, ironicly I might add, REAL issues get overlooked because these people are to busy having hissy-fits over the slightest thing, take a look at the recent drama surrounding Minecraft's creator "Notch" being labled is misogynist because he had to audacity to go toe to toe with these "special snowflakes" and throw some logic at them. James Rolfe (AVGN) also under fire because he refuses to watch a movie...which is his choice, apparently that's terrible and he's a women hating monster because of it. I'm not one for controversy or censorship, if people want to be hateful, disgusting bigots, let them, that's their choice and it's your choice to ignore them, unless it's actually hurting people or being promoted as the gospel truth and trying to convert people to their ways then I for one, don't care if a mod is actually racist or not. I could go on and on for days on end about the politically charged world we live in today but I've taking up enough space in the comments already. Just so it's clear, I'm generalizing, I'm not specifically talking about this Stellaris mod, I've honestly not followed that close, other then it being removed because of the author editing links to YouTube, which is against Paradox's ToS apparently, and that you can find"African" and "Asian" only mods still up for download if that says anything.

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Simon Sirmenis
Posted 24 May 2016, 23:56
Ugh...on one hand I am so tired of political correctness and all the racism complaints and allegations (most of them aren't real, just people exploiting the situation), but on the other there should be a line somewhere, I'm just not sure if this was it.
I haven't seen the mod myself, nor the controvicy that followed but I would only agree for it to be banned if it promoted "white supremacy". If it just changed people to whites then I have no issue. After all in most cases we see and surround ourselves with similar people to us, be it race, religion, hobbies, interest, social standing, etc.