Shadow Warrior 2 Wants You to Play With Their Wang… DLC (of Course)

Posted on 08 Dec 2016 by
David Pink

The double entendre lovin’ folks over at Flying Wild Hog studios are spreading their love this holiday season. Giving away to all owners of their hysterically childish, dick joke laden, slice-n-dice masterpiece, Shadow Warrior 2, some hard, throbbing Wang, absolutely free!

Who doesn’t love some good Wang now and again?

Free-to-all Shadow Warrior 2 owners today was the release of ‘The Way of the Wang’ DLC. Expanding upon the base game with the addition of a new unexplored area within the games travel hub, as well as various gameplay and multiplayer fixes. Also being included are three new tiers of increased difficulty for even greater rewards, and for an even greater challenge.

New crafting abilities, achievements, weapon stat upgrades, new crafting possibilities, and the supremely awesome ‘Fist of Gozu’ battle axe are all available for the player to enjoy… that is, once they complete a set of specially designed trails to test our Wang to its fullest, engorged potential.

Below you’ll find a quick highlight of some of the goodies included with Shadow Warrior 2’s sweet, sexy new ‘Way of the Wang’ DLC, for a complete rundown of everything included, check out the DLC News announcement on Steam.

  • Seven Brutal Trail Challenges.
  • New Crafting Modes Available: Infuse Gem, Purify Gem and Embed Gem functions.
  • Finish the ‘Trial of the Ancient God’ to lay claim on the wikid ‘Fist of Gozu’ battle axe.
  • Five new achievements for all you achievement hunters to unlock.
  • Insane Difficulty expanded with three new Tiers of difficulty.
  • Fixed ‘Saved Games’ Repositioning.
  • Fixed an issue where by changing a map or the weather would result in missing shadows.
  • Various places Wang would find himself…stuck have been fixed.
  • Players will get notifications via multiplayer chat about various teammate information, death, level up, etc.
  • Fixed damage caused effects for other co-op players.

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Posts: 166
David Pink
Posted 09 Dec 2016, 00:21
There's a whole lotta penis innuendos going on in here, not sure if everyone caught that :P

Posts: 349
L Coulsen
Posted 09 Dec 2016, 12:11
They're just wanging them out all over the place