Resident Evil VII Demo Out And Why You Should Try It

Posted on 19 Dec 2016 by
David Pink

Capcom’s much anticipated Demo for the upcoming first-person survival-horror, Resident Evil VII, has been released, and is now ready for your consumption via Steam. The ‘Beginning Hour’ Demo will run you about 3.7 GB in HDD/SSD space to download and install, and offers us a little taste of the RE VII pie that Capcom has been baking for us lately.

I had the chance just earlier today to get into this bad boy and see what it had to offer. From the get go, I was treated to some very beautifully “disgusting” visuals as I awoke from my slumber off the floor of the run down Baker’s Family home. You simply cannot play this game without being reminded of the Outlast series, which isn’t a bad thing. I very much enjoy those games, but besides one moment in the later part of the Demo, this didn’t feel much like a Resident Evil game, which I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad.

It’s no secret that the numbered Resident Evil series has, in many ways, gone downhill since the early days of PlayStation (RE 1-3) Dreamcast (Code Veronica) and GameCube (Zero, 1 Remaster). Resident Evil 4, while amazing, lost a tremendous amount of that “Resident Evil” feeling I grew up on, sure it was an awesome game, but it lost that sense of urgency and danger the previous games had (running to the door while Nemesis is chasing you = dirty pantaloons).

Resident evil 5, sadly, didn’t deviate much from the previous game, besides in visual fidelity, it was the same game, but set in Africa, felt like a lame duck. Resident Evil 6 tried some new things, and overall it did its best in bridging the old school Resident Evil with the new school, which made for an interesting game, but alas, it too failed to deliver on the OH SHIT!-O-METER. You see, with the additional characters always tagging behind you, or just playing with a friend, a great deal of the danger, which is, in my opinion, one of the best things about the series, is completely lost at that point.

Then we have Resident Evil VII, which completely ditched all previous iterations in the series for something completely new. No more are you accompanied by a bumbling AI partner, or teaming up with a good buddy, knowing full well that they have your back, and you have theirs. RE VII has gone back to the very beginning and giving the fans the first truly horrifying Resident Evil game in years, it’s you and only you, fumbling in the dark, being chased by grotesque abominations, and by some backwoods-hillbilly-crazed-Ed-Gein-motherfuckers.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating, this game brings the “Resident” back into Resident Evil, with the combination of a new first-person perspective style and going back to its roots (in terms of terror) Resident Evil VII is already looking like the “GOTY” to me. I’ve played the Demo four times now, each time trying new things, it already seems like we’ll have several different play through scenarios like we had back in the day with Resident Evil 2. Another surprisingly great throwback, the very lack of supplies, unless the full game later on throws ammo and herbs at you left and right, you’ll have to conserve what you find and rely on fancy footwork and quick thinking to survive the terrors within.

Best of all, for me at least, is that this new game, while gorgeous in presentation, doesn’t require a super computer to play it. If the full game, which is releasing in five weeks, runs as well, if not better than the Demo already does, then we’ll be in for an exceptional gaming experience. While my aging PC isn’t that bad, but neither is it amazing with its 5 year old 4GB GTX 680, it had no issues running well above 70FPS at all times. With the exception of SSAO (instead of HBAO+) and Shadows on High (vs Very High) the game runs fan-fucking-tastic at “max” settings; the new ‘RE Engine’ and hopefully VR support (PlayStation VR timed exclusive?) has my full attention.

So, there you have it folks, if you were itching for some deliciously horrific good times, and a visually stunning, deeply nuanced, atmospherically disturbing legit survival-horror experience, then Resident Evil VII will fix you right up. Head on over to the official ‘Beginning Hour’ Steam Demo page and start playing today!

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Max Halcomb
Posted 20 Dec 2016, 15:52
yeah now THATs what a demo is supposed to be like. It has to be set somewhere in Kentucky, im getting that Deliverance vibe.