Rainbow Six: Siege’s Fourth Major Update Coming Soon

Posted on 12 Nov 2016 by
Kyle Johnson

Operation Red Crow, the fourth such full-featured update to Rainbow Six: Siege, is coming soon, and with it brings a pair of trailers for two new operators, and likely a bit of preview footage for the new map. Above is the trailer for Hibana, the first post-release female attacker, who apparently says, “As my friend would say, ‘a really big fucking hole coming right up.” Below is a trailer for Echo, the defender, who says “Why do it when a robot can do it better?” Seeming like both with make use of technology to add new elements to the maps, the map trailer below showcases Skyscraper, a yakuza retreat set high in the skyline of Nagoya, Japan.

In preparation for Red Crow’s release, both PC and PS4 are running free weekends for Rainbow Six: Siege. The PC free weekend runs from Thursday through Sunday afternoon, and the PS4 weekend runs through Monday morning. For more information, you can visit the official site. For more information on Operation Red Crow itself, you can visit its page, which promises a live demo Sunday the 13th, but no official release date. If you haven’t taken a chance on Rainbow Six yet, I’d highly advise checking it out this weekend, as a sale is running concurrently. Much like Battlefield 4, Siege has only gotten better with time, updates, and support from Ubisoft. Check back for more information on Operation Red Crow when it releases.

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