NEWS 20 Feb 2023­ by L Coulsen

Rainbow 6 Siege Year 8 Brings New Attacker, Brava

They're also mixing up onboarding for new players. With each new season they'll focus on a different set of beginner tasks, to better assist newbies getting into the game. Culminating in a full-blown tutorial in Season 3. As well as a lot of other bits and pieces and, of course, even more characters further down…
NEWS 13 Jan 2023­ by L Coulsen

The WWE Comes to Rainbow Six

Thorn and Blackbeard are getting WWE themed outfits. The Man and The Undertaker respectively. As well as some funky new weapon skins. Not the oddest crossover in history, but certainly on the more obtuse side of things. 2160 credits per pack, or 4080 for the bundle. Let's get it on!

Rainbow Six Extraction – Lore Trailer

Ubisoft have dropped a new lore trailer for their coop shooter Rainbow Six Extraction. It looks to take place in the same kind of setting as the previous Siege Quarantine event, facing off against mutants and monsters rather than other players. Extraction is launching for PC and consoles on 20 January 2022 and will be…

Rainbow Six Extraction – World Trailer

The cooperative mutant blasting Rainbow Six spin-off Extraction has a new trailer that shows off some of what you can expect from the game’s world and missions including some of the monsters you’ll be turning to Swiss cheese. Extraction is launching in January 2022 for PC and consoles.
NEWS 13 Jun 2021­ by L Coulsen

E3: Ubisoft Forward 2021

Ubisoft had a pretty lengthy presentation for us, this year. A lot of it is talking about their aims as a game developer, so, PR speak. Though it does contain some interesting insights into their methodology around accessibility. Such as customising fonts and icons to make their more easily visible to people with vision difficulties.…
NEWS 11 Sep 2020­ by Jay Shaw

Ubisoft Forward September 2020

Last night was Ubisoft's Ubi Forward stream and we've got plenty of new announcements to cover, including a couple of surprising but very welcome ones. We won't spoil the surprise, you'll have to keep reading to find out. As usual, the full show's up top, and individual games are below. Immortals: Fenyx Rising Up first…

Rainbow Six Siege – Operation Ember Rise Reveal

Rainbow Six Siege's fourth year of content is bringing two new operators, a rework of the Kanal map, and battle passes which will be introduced with a free “mini battle pass”. Check out the press release below for more info. The new content is going live on the test server today.
NEWS 11 Jun 2019­ by L Coulsen

E3: Ubisoft 2019

Continuing their trend of opening up with a musical number, Ubi were at least possessed of a modicum of class this year. Featuring a symphony orchestra playing through a series of samples from the Assassin's Creed franchise. Not gonna' lie, as much as I've cooled to the franchise over the years, it was one hell…
NEWS 12 Jun 2018­ by Adison

E3: Ubisoft 2018

I will say that I don’t really follow what Ubisoft puts out very closely. I’ve never really had much attraction to their brand or the games that flag under them. So what am I expecting from this conference? Not much. I would be pleasantly surprised if they showed something that actually brought me in, but…
NEWS 04 Sep 2017­ by Max Halcomb

Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Blood Orchid out Tomorrow

Well this is one I have been looking forward to for a while. With Operation Health ending, we can finally sink our teeth into some new content. In addition to the new content we are getting some map optimizations, HD texture pack optimizations, updated lighting system, reduced loading time and some map cycle tweaks. So…

Rainbow Six Siege Free To Play This Weekend

Ubisoft's team based shooter Rainbow Six Siege is having a free weekend where you'll be able to play the game without restrictions for a couple of days. Additionally, the game will be available at up to 50% off the regular price during the free period and if you buy the game your progress will carry…
NEWS 08 Feb 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

Vacation in Iberia with Rainbow Six: Siege’s Operation Vel…

Two new operators, a new gorgeous map, and a major UI update comes as part of the Velvet Shell patch for Rainbow Six: Siege. The operators, Mira and Jackal, both look to shake up the competitive, pulse-pounding gameplay of the online modes in a variety of ways. The attacker, Jackal, who makes use of the…
NEWS 01 Feb 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

Mira Shatters Walls in Latest Rainbow Six: Siege Teaser

The latest teaser trailer for Rainbow Six: Siege’s Velvet Shell update introduces the defender and her ability. Mira is the defending counterpart to Jackal, and from the looks of the brief teaser, she will blow holes in reinforced walls, large enough to shoot from, but not large enough to vault through. Likely designed as a…
ANNOUNCEMENT 31 Jan 2017­ by L Coulsen

Rainbow 6: Siege Free Weekend Event

From February 2nd to the 5th, Ubisoft's Rainbow 6: Siege will be free to play for one and all during the 3 day event. The full game, barring premium DLC of course, will have its progression saved in the event of a full purchase after playing over the free weekend. So for those sitting on the fence,…