Rainbow Six: Siege Year Two Season Pass Now Available

Posted on 29 Nov 2016 by
Kyle Johnson

Exact details about the second wave of content for Siege are still forthcoming, but Ubisoft, in announcing the release of Operation Red Crow, which brought Japanese Special Forces and a map set in Nagoya to their competitive shooter, also announced was the Year Two Season Pass.

Much like the first, it will bring eight new characters and four new maps to the game, but also offers in-game currency and various boosters to supplement the occasional grind for money. Also of note is the fact that Ubisoft is no longer selling the first Season Pass as a result, as the content cycle just finished.

If you haven’t checked out Siege, it occasionally runs free weekends before major updates, and has a rather active player base, if a bit skilled. I’m not sure I agree with Ubisoft’s decision to sell a second Season Pass for just one year, but at least they’re offering more content. Much like the first, there is no need to buy into the Pass to get access to all the content. Stay tuned for more eventual updates on the lively nature of Rainbow Six: Siege as it enters its second year, post-release.

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