Pimp Out Your Ride in Mafia III’s Newest Update

Posted on 21 Dec 2016 by
David Pink

The long awaited “Custom Rides & Racing” content update for Mafia III from Hanger 13 and 2K Games is here at last. The free update will add the ability for players to compete in different racing events, players will also be able to customize their favorite cars, and suit up in style with two new outfits for Lincoln Clay to strut his stuff in.

In total, twelve racing events are found throughout New Bordeaux, split 50/50 with six circuit lap races and six point-to-point races, all you have to do is check out the map and drive to the nearest “race market” icon, which only appears after the first initial sit-down with Cassandra, Thomas and Vito in the main story.

With over 50 unique car customizations, all of which being unlocked via reaching the top spot for each of the twelve various races around New Bordeaux. For players who dominate all races, they’ll add a special unlockable car to their ever-growing fleet of customized vehicles, the Griffin Marauder.

Additionally, players can earn a special three-piece “Classico” outfit (pictured below) and a shiny new, gold-plated “Il Duca” custom revolver… if you link Mafia III to your My2K account that is. With promises to bring more customization and performance upgrades to vehicles in the near future, Hanger 13 has several more updates in the works, in the meantime, check out the showcase trailer above before you dust off your copy of Mafia III (if you finished the game two months ago like I have that is), launch it up and enjoy!

Official Press Release

2K and Hangar 13 just released a free title update for Mafia III that adds the ability for players to compete in races, customize their cars, and more. Enter a series of races through the streets of New Bordeaux – six circuit lap races and six point-to-point races – to unlock customizations and a new car. Customize the cars in Lincoln’s fleet with a variety of decals, exhausts, spoilers, superchargers, and wheels. New outfits and a custom revolver are also available for Lincoln to use in Mafia III today.


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