No False Advertiser’s Sky

Posted on 30 Nov 2016 by
L Coulsen

No Man’s Sky did not break any rules regarding advertisingand thus, Valve is in the clear as well. Yep, that’s about all she wrote really. Now, I’m not on the “No Man’s Sky is the worstest EVAH” bandwagon, but even I’m a bit baffled by this decision. There are, quite clearly, things shown that don’t exist in game…yet.

I think that’s the crux of it. That’s how they weaseled their way out of it. No Man’s Sky is a work in progress title, despite being a “finished” game. There’s a lot more we’re told, still to come. The first stage of which seems to be rolling out with the 1.1 update, which will be the ‘Foundation’ (nothing to do with Isaac Azimov, you missed a golden opportunity there) for things to come…apparently.

Time, I suppose, will tell, and until then people are already accusing the ASA of being bought off. Yeah, no…that’s not what happened, I guarantee it. Whether the coming changes will assuage people’s anger, and win them back over…that’s a whole different story, of which we’ll undoubtedly cover at another time.

For those interested in reading the complete Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) investigation report on No Man’s Sky (and Valve), click here.

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