New Sonic Forces Gameplay

Posted on 24 Aug 2017

Gotta go fast! So fast we don’t really know what’s going on, it’s a new 3D Sonic game though, so that either fills your heart with shipping ideas for fanfiction or trepidation. We’re not entirely sure which is worse. Who knows, maybe Sonic Forces will finally break the curse and not spawn a thousand chapters of badly written hedgehog boning. Yeah, we almost believed that for a minute too.

According to the brief bit we do know, the gameplay is from the tag game mode where Sonic and the created character swap off the lead depending on what move is used, basically it’s fancy running together. If you fancy exploding your eardrums with something that sounds like butt-rock mixed with the squeals of a thousand dying cats you can check out the Metal Sonic Theme from the OST. Robotnik would be proud.

Official Press Release

SEGA® Unveils New Sonic Forces™ Content Including

Metal Sonic Music Track and Tag Gameplay

Turn up the volume as SEGA® released a brand-new music track from Sonic Forces™, featuring one of Sonic’s most sinister nemeses, Metal Sonic. Created by the evil Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic returns in Sonic Forces with the sole purpose of taking down our beloved blue hedgehog. Check out the latest track showcasing Metal Sonic’s thunderous musical techno beat here.

That’s not all Sonic fans! A new video also dropped showcasing never-before-seen Tag Gameplay footage. In Tag stages, Modern Sonic and the custom Hero Character team up to utilize Sonic’s boost abilities and homing attack along with the Hero Character’s Wispon abilities and grappling hook action to defeat the enemies. The video also reveals a new Wispon, the Cube Wispon, which allows the Hero Character to freeze enemies in block-like prisons and ultimately pulverize them into oblivion.

Attending Gamescom 2017? SEGA will be there showing off Sonic Forces at the Koch Media stand, located in Hall 9.1, Booth no. 011.

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