Mafia III Teaches You How to Make Money

Posted on 22 Sep 2016 by
Kyle Johnson

Surprisingly, “getting a full-time job in a cubicle” is not in the instructions. However, open-world crime shooter Mafia III set in 1960s definitely-not-New-Orleans has some other, more engaging ideas for collecting cash. Lincoln, the protagonist, can break into hideouts of “racket bosses,” and steal their collected cash, beat them up, creating his own crime syndicate, or just running around, killing mafia and gangster types. With a whole plethora of upgrades, vehicles, and weapons to spend money on, Lincoln will need to pinch pennies if he wants to truly trick out his rides.

Alongside the how-to guide on killing mobster folks, 2K has also put out a video that briefly touches on the accolades that Mafia III has already begun to garner, from larger outlets to smaller. More praise and awards are sure to roll in when the game launches on October 7th.

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