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David Pink

Hangar 13 and 2K Games have been bombarding us with many wonderful insights and first looks into the powerful inhabitants of the ruthless New Bordeaux underworld and its many dangerous districts. Never slowing down and making sure everyone gets a delicious taste of all things Mafia III before they can sink their teeth into the main course come October 7th.

The team behind Mafia III have released two new featurettes with the eighth ‘Inside Look’ on Vito Scaletta, whom many should know as the main protagonist from Mafia II, and the fifth feature of six ‘The Marcanos – The Italian Mafia’ Character Highlight series. The first video discusses what kind of role our previous games hero, Vito, will play as one of Lincoln Clay’s lieutenants in his rise to power. The second video focuses on the four key members of the powerful Marcano family, whom have maintained control of New Bordeaux for many, many years. It seems the old ways of the Italian mafia don’t mix too well with Lincoln Clay’s ambitious plans, leaving both parties at a crossroads in which will undoubtedly come to a bloody and brutal finish.

In case you’ve missed the previous featurettes in both the Inside Look and Character Highlight series mentioned above, enclosed within the press release below you’ll find the links to all previous in-depth features so you can further enrich your Mafia III experience.

Official Press Release

2K and Hangar 13 today released a new trailer for Mafia III titled “The Marcanos – The Italian Mafia,” the fifth in a series of six features introducing players to the key characters in the upcoming open-world crime game. This feature highlights Mafia III’s Marcano family, who have maintained a stranglehold on New Bordeaux for as long as many can remember.

In “The Marcanos – The Italian Mafia,” take a look at the four key members of the Marcano family who are at a crossroads as Lincoln Clay tries to tear the old ways apart.

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2K and Hangar 13 today released Mafia III Inside Look – Vito, the eighth video in an ongoing series providing an in-depth look at the development of Mafia III directly from the team at Hangar 13. In Mafia III Inside Look – Vito, members of the Hangar 13 writing team (lead writer Bill Harms, senior writer Ed Fowler and senior writer Charles Webb) discuss the role that Vito Scaletta, the protagonist in Mafia II, plays as one of Lincoln Clay’s lieutenants in Mafia III.

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