Endless Legend Gets “Shifters” DLC

Posted on 02 Apr 2016 by
Sawyer Scherbenske

Endless Legend, the fantasy turn-based strategy game from Amplitude, is staying strong a year and a half after its initial release through DLC packages. Shifters is just the latest one of them.

“The new expansion for Endless Legend, named Shifters, will be releasing on April 7th as announced today by French developer Amplitude Studios. Endless Legend Shifters introduces an enhanced winter mechanic as well as a completely new faction called the Allayi.”

The Allayi faction is the biggest news, but there’s also a new strategic resource called “pearls of Auriga” that can help you influence the effects of winter and a new building that gives buffs depending on how many pearls you have. Good stuff to keep a good game alive, different, and kicking in an industry swarming with good turn-based strategy games.

Official Press Release

Amplitude Studios’ Endless Legend Shifters Expansion coming April 7

New content expansion introduces the Allayi Faction, enhanced winter mechanic and more

Paris, France – March 31, 2016 – Acclaimed indie developer Amplitude Studios announced today that the next expansion for its award-winning 4X strategy game Endless Legend will be coming Thursday, April 7. Named Endless Legend Shifters, the content expansion features the all-new Allayi Faction, an improved winter season, the Altar of Auriga building and more.

The Endless Legend Shifters expansion introduces a new major faction called The Allayi, a small civilization that has an intrinsic relationship with the new powerful resource the Pearls of Auriga. The Allayi shift with the seasons, from friendly neighbors to enraged thieves, and in the right hands the Allayi can become extraordinary opponents. The Shifters expansion also features an enhanced winter mechanic with the possibility of lakes and seas freezing over.

Factions also have access to the Altar of Auriga, a new building where blessings can be bought instantly by spending Pearls. Blessings are unique and can help players earn defensive towers, special districts and city improvements, pearl stockpiles and pearl item sets.

Endless Legend Shifters features summary:

  • New Faction: The Allayi, a small group that have an intrinsic relationship with the new resource, Pearls of Auriga, allowing them the ability to shift with the seasons at will.
  • Enhanced Winter: The new season introduces the Pearls of Auriga resource, while seas and lakes can freeze over. Players can collect the pearls on the surface of Auriga and use them to influence the effects of winter, gaining advantages to hinder their enemies.

The Altar of Auriga: a new building where factions go to spend their pearls and acquire blessings which allow for new buildings, items and stockpiles.


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