EA Does the Employee Shuffle Shake

Posted on 15 Sep 2016 by
L Coulsen

After some rather rough times (worst company in America and all that) and a not insignificant number of lay-offs in the last few years, things are continuing on their upward trend for Electronic Arts. They posted some unexpectedly large earnings not too long ago, recruited Amy frikkin’ Hennig! And now they’re doing a little internal restructuring to make better use of their available assets.

All of this falls mostly into two categories. First up, they have a new arm in the shape of EA Worldwide Studios. This effectively solidifies all of EA’s various departments into one, cohesive whole, with Patrick Soderlund sliding nicely into a position to take the helm of both Maxis and all of EA’s mobile based initiatives. The former being controlled more directly by Samantha Ryan, of Warner Brothers Interactive fam, but with oversight by Soderlund as she will also be taking on the reigns of leadership for BioWare.

Meanwhile, the team working on the still somewhat maligned Frostbite engine are being moved over to the Technology organisation side of things. One would really have expected them to be there in the first place, but whatever. This move also comes with a new leader in the shape of Ken Moss who already heads up the CTO group.

With Origin also getting a shiny new pair of pants recently (not one I’m too fond of myself, but eh) things really do seem to be coming up roses for EA. Even some of the more cynical gamers are coming around to giving them just one more chance. Let’s hope that they really, really do keep trying this time.

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