Darksiders 3 – Flame Hollow Trailer

Posted on 11 Jul 2018

Darksiders 3 needs no introduction, we recently posted about the release date announcement and today we’ve got a new gameplay trailer showing protagonist Fury in action in a location known as the Flame Hollow.

Official Press Release

Vienna, AUSTRIA, Austin, TX/USA, July 10th, 2018: A new trailer for Darksiders III is available now and shows Fury in one of her various forms: The Flame Hollow envelops Fury in a brilliant orange blaze, and arms her with two deadly burning flails.

These powerful weapons offer a new set of attacks, and charging the burning energy within them executes an explosive finishing move, devastating nearby foes. Using this Hollow opens up a number of previously inaccessible paths: Fury can pass through fire and lava unscathed, or perform a fiery high jump to launch herself to new areas.

THQ Nordic announced that hack-n-slash action-adventure Darksiders III, currently in development at Gunfire Games, is scheduled to release worldwide on November 27, 2018 for PC, PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system and the Xbox® One family of devices, including the Xbox One X.

The company also launched a comprehensive pre-order campaign for Darksiders III, designed to reward a fanbase whose patience and loyalty is second to none.

Preorder here: https://darksiders.com/order-here/

THQ Nordic has also created two, limited edition SKUs that celebrate all things Darksiders in every way. Darksiders mega-fans have their choice of the Collector’s – or – Apocalypse Edition:

Moneyshot-Video Collector’s: https://youtu.be/2S5lRKlLzgE

Moneyshot Video Apocalypse: https://youtu.be/-9CyIjgTKjw

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