Darksiders: Genesis – Introducing Strife Trailer

A new trailer for Darksiders: Genesis has been released which showcases Strife, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and brother to the first Darksiders' War. Check out the new trailer above, or press release below for more info. Darksiders: Genesis releases on PC and Stadia on 5 December 2019, and consoles on 14…

Darksiders Genesis – Abilities Trailer

Airship Syndicate and THQ Nordic have released a new trailer for their upcoming action RPG Darksiders Genesis that takes a look at some of the abilities and a new “Creature Core” system that's used to customize the horseman's skills. Darksiders Genesis is launching for PC on 5 December 2019 with consoles following on 14 February…

Darksiders Genesis – Release Date Announced

Darksiders Genesis now has a release date of 5 December 2019 for PC and Google Stadia, with console releases following on 14 February 2020. Additionally you can pre-order the game if that's your thing, check out the press release below for more info.

Darksiders Genesis – Announcement

Airship Syndicate and THQ Nordic have revealed Darksiders Genesis. Horseman Strife will be present for the first time, and the game takes place before the events of the other Darksiders games. There's also a change in style; Darksiders Genesis is a three-quarters view (think Gauntlet) action adventure RPG. Stay tuned for more info from E3.

Darksiders 3 – Horse With No Name Trailer

While the press release below may just be exploring what the song “Horse With No Name” means to different people, the trailer above uses it to promote Darksiders 3. The game launches today on PC, PlayStation 4 Pro, and Xbox One X.

Darksiders 3 – Intro Trailer

Check out Darksiders 3's intro trailer, embedded above, to get a look at the story behind the four horsemen. Additionally, the press release below contains a link to the ongoing pre-order campaign if that floats your boat. Darksiders 3 launches on 27 November 2018.

Darksiders 3 – Force Hollow Trailer

Give the new trailer, embedded above, a look for a glimpse at Darksiders 3's Fury in one of the various forms she'll take throughout the game. Darksiders 3 is launching for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on 27 November 2018.

Darksiders 3 – Flame Hollow Trailer

Darksiders 3 needs no introduction, we recently posted about the release date announcement and today we've got a new gameplay trailer showing protagonist Fury in action in a location known as the Flame Hollow.

Darksiders 3 Release Date and Special Edition Details

Darksiders 3 will be releasing on PC on 27 November 2018, the same day it launches on consoles. Additionally, there will be some rather expensive collectors editions of the game (yes, even for PC!) which include some physical items which you can check out here.
NEWS 02 May 2017­ by L Coulsen

Darksiders III is Officially a Thing

A vicious pirate once said, “Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a time.” A beautiful sentiment, but not one grounded in fact. Because death is back in 2018. However, in Darksiders III, players will take on the role of a different horseman, the enigmatic Mage, FURY. A demonic presence so…
ANNOUNCEMENT 29 Nov 2016­ by L Coulsen

Darksiders Warmastered Edition Makes Its Way to Steam

Following on from last week's release of Darksiders Warmastered Edition for consoles, it's now made its way to our beloved PC platform via Steam. Featuring native 4k support with reworked higher-resolution textures and various other improvements. Currently sitting at a tasty 80% discount until the second of December and absolutely free to everyone who already…
ANNOUNCEMENT 23 Nov 2016­ by L Coulsen

Releasing the Darksiders Warmastered Hordes…Sort Of

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition is now available on consoles. Though, sadly, we have to wait an extra week for the PC release on the 29th. It's not all bad though, we have the extended version of the trailer that showed off the 4K assets a few days ago. My earlier comments about it still stand, the…
ANNOUNCEMENT 18 Nov 2016­ by L Coulsen

Darksiders 4K-erd Edition

Featuring high res textures and sharpened up lighting effects, the Darksiders: Warmastered Edition... you know what, it doesn't look all that great really.  The update has mostly served to highlight the imperfections in the original visuals. But it's hard to deny that they look damned nice all the same. Sharp enough to cut the beard…
ANNOUNCEMENT 20 Oct 2016­ by L Coulsen

It’s Little Dark on the Third Side Say THQ Nordic

OMG guys! Darksiders is coming in threes...with We Sing and The Dwarves hitting shelves on November 22nd and December 1st respectively. Anyway, the real news here is that the Darksiders: Warmastered Edition is hitting consoles on November 22nd, and PC a week later (29th) but there's a twist. See, the press release tells us Darksiders…