Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2018 Trailer Analysis

Posted on 21 Jun 2018 by
Jay Shaw

Editors Note: Sorry for the late post on this one everyone, we got a bit overwhelmed with how awesome the trailer is and had to unfry our brains to properly appreciate it.

It’s been about six years since we heard anything solid about CD Projekt’s new game, Cyberpunk 2077. In that long silence our imaginations and the hype train have been running full steam ahead. Now, our imaginations don’t have to do all the work anymore because the videogame version of Mike Pondsmith’s seminal pen and paper RPG finally has a trailer of decent enough length to get a look at the world. Let’s give that trailer up there a watch and see what we can pick out in a bit more detail:

The trailer opens with a cool look at the punk aesthetic that permeates cyberpunk, hence the name. We were a little surprised to see the world looking so bright and colourful but it’s a nice change from the dingy nighttime alleyways and grey corporate. We also learn from the official site that the main character is called V, a hired gun whose career is just taking off and has just received their first serious contract.

Right near the beginning we get a look at the metro map of Night City, Cyberpunk 2077’s setting, which looks absolutely massive, there are dozens of stops located on the map and even if you can’t go to all of them there are still about a dozen different metro lines represented. We already know of one location – a mission to the moon which was talked about in a blog post earlier.

In the train scene, some of the punks look like they could be Rockerboys, a class from the original tabletop game. There are also flying vehicles that look like they’re straight out of Blade Runner; in fact, we’re incredibly impressed with the cyberpunk vehicle design.

Not long after that we can see a pair of augmented people sitting at a desk in what looks like an interrogation, which would most likely make the two corporate looking people members of the Night City police department. Just after this we get a look at what looks like a corporate big-shot exiting a flying car, she looks important and will probably be someone who hires Solos (hired guns basically) or an antagonist. We also get a look at a seedy bar with pool tables and a gym with a boxer practicing on a robotic sparring partner.

We also get a look at a Combat Cab and the three heavily augmented men riding in the back look like they might be either a rival team of mercenaries or a corporate hit squad judging by the pale complexions and similar augments. Speaking of augments, immediately afterwards we see a woman in front of a mirror with the lower half of her face, an artificial jaw and nose, removed while she does her make-up. It’s possible this might be character customization or creation related but that’s pure speculation on our part.

There are more shots of the city-scape with what may be the main character standing beside a cool looking sports car. Afterwards we jump to some Militech (an American weapons manufacturer in the Cyberpunk universe) drone being activated along with another team of Solos sitting watching. Then we jump to a shot of a celebrity called Lizzie Chrome briefly posing on the red carpet.

Moving on, there are shots of a redneck looking guy and his pregnant wife, probably most interesting in this scene is the futuristic, heavily modified shotgun he’s wielding. Similarly in the next scene depicting being robbed at a food stall and we get a good look at the handguns the muggers are using. We also see some paramedics defibrillating a dead man at the side of the street and a slum looking area with augmented people playing basketball and eating a sausage on a fork.

Immediately after this we get our next interesting shot – what looks like a space-plane or shuttle with a passenger burning up. It’s unclear if this is a visual representation of him being hacked and “brain burned” or if it’s a physical murder. Either way, the main character is looking rather satisfied with himself in the foreground as two flight attendants fuss over the dying man. This is likely a contract assassination.

We also see another assassination when a netrunner burns out a corporate guy in a parlour via the cable plugged into his access jack on the back of his head. Following this we’ve got a bunch of shots of the city; an alley with what looks like a female protagonist, and a store robbery that doesn’t go too well for the robbers. Then we cut to the Solos we saw with the Militech drone being ambushed by a flying drive-by shooting.

Finally, we’ve got our protagonist and his awesome black sports-car being chased down the freeway by a van. The shot also pans across for another look at the absolutely massive Night City and its towering skyscrapers, billboards, and businesses.

Unfortunately, there’s no real gameplay to be seen yet. CD Projekt did a behind closed doors presentation of Cyberpunk 2077 at E3 so stay tuned for the coming weeks (or months) because that footage will probably find its way into the public eye soon.

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