E3: Microsoft 2018

Posted on 11 Jun 2018 by
L Coulsen

Oh boy, where do we begin? This has, far and away, been Microsoft’s best ever E3 presentation. Featuring 50 games! Yes, you read that right, five-zero. That’s a lot of gaming. A great deal of which will be coming to the PC via the UWP. Because there are so many of them, we’re not going to go through the entire list and will just pick out the bigger names. If you want to see the rest, watch the above conference, there’s a lot to see.

Before we actually get into the games, it’s also worth pointing out that Microsoft have also added some interesting new talent to their cause. Ninja Theory and Compulsion are now first party studios. The latter comes as a particular surprise, leaving the future of We Happy Few an interesting question. Given the publishing deal they signed with Gearbox, it remains unclear if that will stay in effect, or if Microsoft will be taking over. You might just have won back my attention with that move guys.

Devil May Cry 5

Let’s get the biggest surprise out of the way first. We’re getting a sequel to Devil May Cry. No, no, not DMC, an actual sequel. Devil May Cry 5, as the title suggests, follows on from the rather disappointing Devil May Cry 4 and features Nero as the main protagonist. Wait, wait, wait. I know what you’re thinking, I had the same reaction. But…he actually looks pretty cool this time around. Sporting a funky, new, robotic arm because his old one was hacked off somewhere along the way. He’s on a bit of a revenge kick with a new, female, sidekick. And right at the very end of the spot, we see a suitably gruff and awesomely bearded Dante. Noice.

Halo Infinite

There’s another Halo coming too. Halo Infinite features yet another Halo ring, which has some rather interesting, Viking-esque ruins dotted across its surface. The pre-rendered trailer doesn’t show us all that much, but it does confirm that the Chief is back, walking moodily around with helmet in hand, until he plugs an AI core into the back of his head. Cortana is back?! One has to wonder how. Could always be a new AI I suppose, but there’s nothing saying she can’t have some kind of back-up personality or some such.

Gears of War

We’re also getting a new Gears of War. Actually, two of them. The first is a tactical game set some years before the first game, but the second is a full blown sequel which focuses around Kait from Gears 4. Her and all her new buds are decked out in some kind of artic style armour that made me think they look more like a troupe of Mei cosplayers. And you know, that sounds like a hilariously awesome idea for a game. I’d buy that for a dollar.

Forza Horizon 4

The other “big” title is a Forza Horizon 4, which brings the British scenery to life. Makes a really nice change, especially for us who are living here in auld Blighty. It will feature a persistent, online world which will have changing seasons and weather patterns synchronised for every player around the world. So basically, it will be raining constantly. Which makes the new hovercraft and bike vehicles look cool, but completely impractical to actually drive.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Straying away from big, in house titles, next up is a spiritual successor to Bloodborne called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Previously rumoured to be a direct sequel, it’s a pretty typical From Software game set in feudal Japan. Featuring ninja, samurai warriors and deliciously over the top Oni monster to slay. Also, uhm, Activision have something to do with it. Which is just weird.

The Division 2

Another big surprise is footage of The Division 2. Not in the sense that we didn’t expect to see the game, just that it’s weird we get six minutes of it here, rather than at Ubisoft’s conference. Surely they’d have wanted to keep it for their own show. But whatever, it’s here, it looks awesome, and will be completely different by the time we actually get to play it. Which is really disappointing because it looks absolutely stunning. Having said that, it’s still a game that I’m inevitably going to pump far more hours into than I care to admit.

Dying Light 2

The last game we want to go into is the reveal of Dying Light 2. A direct sequel to Dying Light that takes place in Paris. It boasts an ever changing world with decisions that truly matter and will shape a unique play experience for every player. You know, the usual BS PR talk. There will be a dialogue wheel allowing you to, basically, ignore, attack or co-operate with various people and factions. And you can swing on bars dangling from the ceiling to kick people off buildings. The DYNAMIC CHOICES thing won’t hold up, it never does. But Dying Light is a hell of a lot of fun so its sequel will still be worth playing for sure.

Okay, that’s the biggest games out of the way, but we’ve barely scratched the surface of everything that was shown. We strongly recommend you go check out the full conference. Especially if you’re a Square and/or Disney fan. Do I need to say more?

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