Call of Duty Holiday Updates

Posted on 09 Dec 2016 by
Kyle Johnson

As part of the ongoing support for the latest entries in the Call of Duty series. Infinity Ward and Activision are adding six new maps and two new modes to Modern Warfare Remastered, and some updates and changes to Infinite Warfare as well.

First, the classic: maps Wet Work, Bloc, Strike, Pipeline, Countdown and Showdown are coming to Modern Warfare Remastered, bringing the total map count to 16. In addition, Gun Game (from Black Ops) and Hardpoint (from Black Ops 2) are being added for new modes, and Winter Crash is also being added as part of a special 24/7 playlist.

All of these updates are free to all owners of Modern Warfare Remastered. There’s no word on whether the four DLC maps (from Modern Warfare’s solitary DLC) are coming at a later date, but as a fan of the updates, a man can hope. In addition, Infinite Warfare has been receiving a number of updates, with more to come.

On December 1st, a bug fixing and quality of life patch added a number of options, and fixed exploits in the maps, on December 6th. The Call of Duty Endowment pack went live, with all proceeds from the sale of the pack going to support veterans find jobs, and with the holiday season approaching, Infinity Ward feels that Infinite Warfare should get in on the fun as well.

Coming with a free Epic rarity prototype, a holiday-themed version of Genesis, a close-quarters map, and updates to the Quartermaster, bringing 12 new weapon variants, 18 new camo’s, and five new taunts. Though not as free as the updates for Modern Warfare Remastered, at least Infinity Ward is providing support for Infinite Warfare as well, with just over a month after it being release.

Official Press Release

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered – December Update Trailer

‘Tis the Season for more incredible Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered content! On 13th December, six additional MP maps are coming to all Modern Warfare Remastered players free of charge, plus the Christmas themed Winter Crash map and two new game modes: Gun Game and Hardpoint. One of the most critically-acclaimed games of all time just got even better.

Pick up the Legacy Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition of Infinite Warfare and get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered in the ultimate entertainment package:

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