Blood Bowl 3 – Black Orcs Spotlight

Posted on 22 Apr 2021

Blood Bowl 3 will feature four new teams; one of them is going to be the biggest, meanest, orciest orcs, the Black Orcs. As a team they focus on violence over tactics, preferring the orcy path of just smashing their opponents. Blood Bowl 3 is expected to release in August 2021 for PC and consoles.

Official Press Release


Lesquin, April 22 2021 – Four brand-new teams are taking the Blood Bowl video game pitch in the famous franchise’s highly-anticipated third entry. Amongst the teams is a race that is not entirely unknown to fans: the Black Orcs! NACON and Cyanide Studio are giving you the opportunity to watch a gameplay video of this race so you can admire their crushing physical superiority.

Watch the video presenting the Black Orcs, one of the new teams in Blood Bowl 3

Tired of the amateur performance of the other Greenskins, the Black Orcs have decided to create their own teams. Forget about passing, dodging and speed: above all, the Black Orcs are shining examples of how to methodically and brutally grind opposing players into the dirt.

Lining up next to a Troll, whose extraordinary wild strength is only equalled by its striking stupidity, and Goblins that carry the ball and flood the pitch, the Orcs’ favourite tactic involves reaching the endzone by viciously crushing any opponents foolish enough to try to bar their way!

As violent as they are powerful, the Black Orcs are a formidable race in Blood Bowl 3. Additional videos will be released soon to highlight more teams, showing their strengths, weaknesses and the strategies they use in the game.

Planned for release in August 2021, Blood Bowl 3 will be available on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and Nintendo Switch™.

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