NEWS 06 Feb 2023­ by L Coulsen

Blood Bowl 3 Releases February 23rd, Has New Trailer

Well, now. I don't think it is at all coincidental that Blood Bowl 3 will be available a week after the Superbowl. My money's on the Eagles. But what if they were playing against a team of Orcs? That would be a whole different story. And I'd buy that for a dollar.

Steelrising – 5 Minutes of Gameplay

Spiders (Greedfall, The Technomancer) have released five whole minutes of gameplay from their upcoming action RPG set in the French Revolution Steelrising. There’s plenty of the creepy mechanical soldiers and familiar Souls-like combat and areas on display. Steelrising is releasing on 8 September 2022 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.
GAME PROFILE 19 Apr 2022 by Jay


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Hell is Us – Announcement

Developers Rogue Factor and publisher Nacon have announced Hell is Us, a third person open world game set in a country ravaged by civil war and the sudden appearance of supernatural monsters. Check out the teaser trailer above and press release below for more info. Hell is Us is releasing for PC and consoles in…
GAME PROFILE 13 Apr 2022 by Jay

Hell is Us

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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong – Gameplay Reveal Tra…

The latest three minute trailer for VtM Swansong takes a look at some of the gameplay from exploring to investigating, to hallucinating crazy ghost girls. Check it out above, and the press release below for more info. Swansong is releasing for PC and consoles on 19 May 2022.
GAME PROFILE 21 Mar 2022 by Jay

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

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Zorro The Chronicles – Announcement

BKOM Studios and Nacon have revealed Zorro The Chronicles, an action adventure game based off of the Zorro animated series of the same name. There’s a brand new trailer above where you can see the game in action, including all the weird and flashy moves you’d expect of the big Z himself. Zorro The Chronicles…
GAME PROFILE 10 Feb 2022 by Jay

Zorro The Chronicles

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Clash: Artifacts of Chaos – Welcome to Zenozoik Dev Diary

Originally revealed back at Nacon Connect a few months ago, we’ve finally got another look at the latest game in the wonderfully weird new entry in the Zeno series (Zeno Clash 1 and 2), Clash: Artifacts of Chaos. The new trailer takes a very brief look at new hero Pseudo and his quest to punch…
GAME PROFILE 17 Sep 2021 by Jay

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos

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WRC 10 – Sound Recording Dev Diary

This brief two minute dev diary takes a look at how the sounds were recorded for rally sim WRC 10 and the lengths the team went to in order to make the cars sound as authentic as possible, mainly by recording a bunch of actual rally cars from various positions. WRC 10 is releasing on…

WRC 10 – Livery Editor Trailer

KT Racing and NACON have revealed that their upcoming rally sim WRC 10 will include a livery editor which is new to the series. The editor will include a variety of shapes, lettering, stickers, and logos and looks quite robust from what we see of it in the above trailer. WRC 10 is releasing on…

RiMS Racing – Sound Dev Diary

The fourth dev diary for RaceWard Studio and NACON’s motorcycle racing sim is here and it takes a look at the game’s soundtrack which includes six exclusives by The Bloody Beetroots along with a whole bunch of non-exclusives. Check out the press release below for the full track list. RiMS Racing is releasing on 19…