All’s Quiet On the Western Front in Day of Infamy

Posted on 27 Mar 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

New World Interactive’s Day of Infamy, who are also developers of Insurgency and its sequel, Insurgency: Sandstorm moves from the modern military world to the battlefields of World War 2, and is out now on Steam.

With ten unique maps scattered across Southern and Western Europe, featuring the German Wehrmacht, the Commonwealth Forces (Great Britain, Canada, and others), and the U.S. Army, Day of Infamy promises the accessible-yet-realistic action and gunplay present in New World’s other titles.

With over 70 guns, nine player classes and ten objective-based modes, Day of Infamy is available on Steam now for $19.99 USD.

Official Press Release

Welcome to the front line of the World War 2 shooter revival. New World Interactive, creators of Insurgency and Insurgency: Sandstorm, are proud to announce that Day of Infamy officially launches out of Steam Early Access today.

Day of Infamy will be launched live on New World’s Twitch channel during a livestream event starting at 2 p.m. EST that features developer interviews and live gameplay with guest streamers.

Day of Infamy started in late 2015 as a mod for Insurgency, created by the developers at New World and members of their modding community. Shortly after an announcement at the PC Gaming show at E3 2016, Day of Infamy launched into Early Access on Steam in July 2016.

New World has worked hard to stay true to their design roots established by Insurgency, but also shaped Day of Infamy into a unique game that can stand on its own, where it has received an overwhelmingly positive 90% review score in the last 30 days.

Features include:

  • 8 player Cooperative gameplay versus challenging AI opponents in three game modes and two difficulty levels.
  • Up to 32 player Multiplayer gameplay in four wave-based game modes with the Battles playlist. Alternatively, 24 player game modes in three single-life and objective-reinforcement playlist Special Assignment.
  • 10 maps – Ranging from war-torn cities to farm villages, and fortified beachheads to snow-covered forests.
  • Over 70 historical weapons and attachments, whether you’re fighting for the U.S. Army, Commonwealth Forces or the German Wehrmacht.
  • 9 player classes, providing a variety of experiences depending on what the player prefers.
  • Unit system – Unlock historic units as you rank up, which are then playable as in-game characters with new uniforms, headgear, badges, and voices. Ranking up does not provide players with any gameplay advantages, so gameplay balance will always remain purely skill-based.
  • Mod support and Workshop integration providing players with a vast array of community-created content. Built on Valve’s Source Engine, the SDK is one of the most familiar out there.
  • Modders can replace models, textures, sounds and user interfaces in the game, as well as add new maps or total conversions using the game’s theater scripting system. There are already over 480 mods which have been created during the game’s early access phase.

Day of Infamy launches out of Steam Early Access today, March 23, 2017, and is available on Windows, Mac and Linux for $19.99 (USD).

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