E3: PC Gaming Show 2016 Part 2

Posted on 14 Jun 2016 by
David Pink

To see the previous games presented please continue to E3: PC Gaming Show 2016 Part 1.


The first gameplay trailer for Obsidian’s unique upcoming RPG game Tyranny, puts players in control of the evil tyrannical overlord, Kyros, who conquered the world, leaving it in ruins after destroying everything in his path. The teaser shows some glimpses of in-game footage in amongst the violent imagery, but nothing concrete in regards to gameplay, one is to expect something along the line of Obsidian’s previous game, Pillars of Eternity.


Bloober Team, makers of Layers of Fear hit the stage to talk about their upcoming horror game >Observer_ and showing us a beautiful, yet quick thirty second teaser of a glitchy ominous corridor with a creepy shadowy figure waiting at the end. Not much else is shown at this time, however, developer Rafal Basaj did discuss a few details, such as this being a spooky cyberpunk horror game where you play as a member of a special police mind hacking unit, jacking into unconscious minds and dealing with the horrors within. I’m excited to see more on this, hopefully we’ll see some gameplay in the coming days.


Bohemia Interactive, makers of the hit military simulation ARMA series, talked about the upcoming DLC expansion for ARMA III, titled Apex coming out July 11th. Gamers who’ve pre-ordered the Apex DLC will be given sneak preview access to test out the new content, which includes Archipelago Tanoa, a massive 100 km2 South Pacific themed map with access to the newest vehicles and armaments, with however, the exclusion of the co-op campaign mode at this time.

The Turing Test

Deco Digital and Bevel Studios, the team behind Pneuma: Breath of Life, showed us a beautiful trailer for their upcoming first-person puzzle game, The Turing Test, which takes place on Europa, one of the many moons orbiting Jupiter. What seems to be a heavily inspired narrative puzzle game in the veins of games such of Portal and The Talos Principle. Players take on the role of Ava Turing, lead engineer of the International Space Agency tasked with discovering the truth behind the Europa research base. Overall, the game looks stunning, I’m excited to dig deeper into the hidden meanings and rich puzzles in this story rich explorative puzzler set to release this August.


Finji’s studio’s lead artist Heather Penn, took to the stage to briefly talk about their whimsically stylized survival game, Overland. A procedurally generated isometric turn-based strategy game filled with tough choices and plenty of mysterious monsters, people and wild dogs?! I can’t help but fall in love with the fantastic art design and their perfectly fitted choice of music in this short, one minute teaser trailer, can’t wait to get my hands on this, eager fans like myself can join in on its Alpha testing on June 13th, keep an eye out on this one folks! I will be.

Dual Universe

Jean-Christophe Baillie, Novaquark studios founder, graced the stage and showed off the first footage of his upcoming sci-fi MMORPG, titled Dual Universe. Taking place over a single-shard, persistent universe, players will be thrown into a massive sandbox playground made up of millions of planets, based around the exploration, building, trading, politics and warfare of a massively scaled, and entirely editable emergent universe. While the pre-alpha trailer footage is a little rough around the edges, overall this game has some unique visuals, beautiful landscapes, simple building mechanics and seamless planet-to-planet space travel. Novaquark plans on having a playable alpha sometime at the beginning of 2017.

Halo Wars 2

343 Industries’ Dan Ayoub was on stage to discuss a few details about the upcoming Halo Wars sequel, which is hitting the PC for the first time ever and coming exclusively to the Windows 10 Store. It seems the game will sport two completely different control schemes and playstyles for those who’d prefer a controller and those who’d prefer a mouse/keyboard combination. Dan also mentioned the inclusion of multiple game modes for seasoned RTS veterans, the hyper-competitive RTS players and the casual gamers, like myself. I’ve enjoyed the Halo games in the past, both on consoles and on PC, including the so-so Halo: Spartan twin-stick shooter series, however, Halo Wars looks to be something I’d very much enjoy, especially with a keyboard and beautiful visuals.

Day of Infamy

From the developers that brought us Insurgency comes the standalone release of the popular total conversion mod, Day of Infamy. This WWII era first-person shooter, which releases in July, comes jammed with everything players loved about the original mod, but with the inclusion of several new mechanics, such as mortar strikes, new weapons like flamethrowers and a handful of new maps for players to enjoy, all this and more for a $20 price tag, not a bad bargain if you ask me.

Mirage: Arcane Warfare

The developers behind the popular Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Torn Banner Studios’ debuted a quick look at their upcoming magic infused first-person competitive combat game Mirage: Arcane Warfare. It seems to play similarly to Chivalry, but with a much more colorful, cartoony stylize look and filled with magic, mayhem and loads of bloody carnage. I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of the overly complicated and hard to master combat of Chivalry, but this looks to be a faster paced, less serious arena combat hack-n-slash, something a bit more up my alley.

Mages of Mystralia

The newly formed indie studio, Borealys Games teased our eyes with a first look of their upcoming action/adventure, hack n’ slash dungeon crawler Mages of Mystralia. Players jump into the shoes of the recently exalted mage, Zia, as she embarks on an epic journey to meet other mages, uncover magical runes and to master her ever growing arsenal of magic spells and abilities.

Warframe: Lunaro

John Gibson of Digital Extremes was on stage to discuss a few updates coming to their hugely popular, free-to-play online cooperative third-person shooter, Warframe. Seems players can join in on the sports craze of 2016 with an arena based team sports content update, titled Lunaro. I can only describe this as BlitzBall (FFX) meets Rocket League, which looks like a lot of fun and a nice change up from the regular shoot-shoot, bang-bang, collect stuff and level up grind of the original game’s content. Lastly, for those who love to customize their in-game characters will get the chance to add another skin to their collection, the Dark Split-Sword Dulus, but only for a limited time, offer expires June 17th, get it while you can!

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Jean-Francois Dugas, Executive Game Director and Gameplay Director, Patrick Fortier of Eidos-Montreal, took to the stage to talk about the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Showcasing a four minute gameplay trailer of the very first level, set in Dubai, Adam Jensen drops from the sky, landing safely thanks to his Icarus Landing System implants. After surveying his surroundings, Jensen expertly takes out enemies one by one as he sneaks around the facility, using his Ocular modifications to find a weak spot in the walls to get to the lower levels.

After dropping down, Adam jumps straight into battle with enemy forces, quickly dispatching several foes with one blast from his electrically charged fists before moving onto his objective. With the help of his trusty Battle Rifle and some well-placed grenades, Jensen eliminates an attack helicopter before it escapes and then walks up to check out his handy work, up close and personal, only to have the ceiling come crashing down from above, what happens next? Who knows…we’ll have to wait until August 23rd to find out. I’m so excited to jump into this! Is it August yet?! The wait is killing me!

While the event definitely ran a little on the long side, it did have some interesting interviews and it was nice to see the enthusiasm and love the developers had for their games. A few bumps on the road along the way with a brief cut in the video feed early in the event, the occasional audio problem and worse of all, the try hard, goofy tie wearing, semi-enthusiastic “funny-man” host, Day[9]. All in all, I would say this event was a success, it had some fun moments and it gave us an awesome first look at some beautiful teaser trailers, as well as some new details on what’s to expect from the many titles showcased within. I felt more excited than expected as the event continued and I was constantly adding new games to my “Must Have” list and jotting down release dates on the calendar.

It was also an honor to have the event come to a close with the legendary Warren Spector gracing the stage to talked about the past, present and future of PC gaming. He lovingly discussed his past experiences and his foray into the lucrative console market with Deus Ex: Invisible War. How he was forced into it by publishers, since consoles was where the money was at the time, all while secretly hoping for the uprising of the PC gaming world and how he was, and always will be, a PC gamer at heart, just like myself, the staff and the many readers here at Pixel Judge. Long live the glorious PC master race!

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