A Wretched Hive of Obsidian and Unreal 4

Posted on 09 Sep 2016 by
L Coulsen

Ever wanted to know what Star Wars’ Mos Eisley would look like rendered in Unreal 4? Well don’t worry, ’cause Obsidian got your back! Well, some of their off duty dev people have anyway. Working in their spare time, a group of 17 Obsidian employees have been using the experience as a way of better getting to grips with the engine. A chap called Jason Lewis started the project, which was originally intended to be nothing more than a fully rendered model of the Millennium Falcon, but you know how it goes.

 “Originally it was just going to be the Falcon sitting in Docking Bay 94 so I could run around and look at it in real-time. Then I thought it would be neat to add the interior to the docking bay, and then maybe some of the surrounding Mos Eisley city, then I thought ‘hey, let’s put the Mos Eisley Cantina in as well. It was at this point that I realised the scope of this project had grown beyond my ability to finish it by myself, so I extended an invitation to several of the artists working with me at Obsidian to help out with this project in their free time, and I got many very enthusiastic YES responses, so I divided up the work based on the time and effort commitments that volunteers were willing to put into it.”

And now there’s a pretty much a complete recreation of the whole thing, with usable blasters and some pretty darn sweet texturing. Best of all, you can download all the assets (a not insignificant eight gigglebytes worth) and have a play around with it yourself. Though be aware, this is not a game in any sense. It really is just the Mos Eisley spaceport and you. Plus a little something extra hidden away…somewhere…

To see some screens and read more about the crazy Obsidianists and their insane undertaking look over the original article over at 80.lv.

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L Coulsen
Posted 14 Sep 2016, 15:47
Did you find the hidden weapon?

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David Pink
Posted 14 Sep 2016, 14:15
I'm not a big Star Wars fan by any means, I'm a "Trekkie" at heart, I didn't mind the movies but i never thought they were amazing or anything, heck, I enjoyed "I, II, III" over "IV, V, VI" (except for JarJar.. %*$% him) and I wasn't a lover of most of the many, many games it's had over the years, the N64 Phantom Racer one was my favorite.

Point is, I'm not big on Star Wars but I instantly downloaded this when I saw it and I was blown away walking around the gorgeous recreation of Mos Eisley. They did an amazing job, it's truely gorgeous, so much attention of detail, sights and sounds, seeing R2-D2 reparing a conduit was pretty cool, walking into the the infamous "who shot first" bar set and just exploring for a while was quite fascinating.

Any die hard Star Wars fans out there would be doing themselves a diservice by not grabbing this insanely detailed virtual tour and getting lost in it. Easily one of the best and most explorable Unreal Engine 4 recreations I've seen to date.