EarthNight Release Date Announced

Side-scrolling platformer, EarthNight has a release date now: 3 December 2019 on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Switch. Check out the new streaming trailer above for a look at the game.
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I’ve been waiting for Cuphead since it was first revealed in 2014. Now it’s finally here. Cuphead, a super difficult platformer/run & gun game with outstanding visuals, one which mimics the aesthetics of 1930s cartoons to perfection. The game is pretty, but we knew that for the last 3 years. But is the gameplay any…
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Sundered is a metroidvania-style platformer with beautiful, hand-drawn, Lovecraft-inspired graphics from Thunder Lotus Games who are known for Jotun, their first game. Sundered has, quite similar to Jotun, an art style that reminds very much of 80s cartoons, though gameplay-wise, it is very different. While Jotun was extremely slow (remember the two-second-long heavy attack?), Sundered…
PREVIEWS 11 Sep 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

PAX West 2017: EarthNight

Far in the future, hand-painted dragons have swarmed the skies above Earth, forming an all-but-impenetrable barrier. Much of humanity has left for the stars, but for Stanley and Sydney, their quest lies below, and with a lot of dead dragons along the way. This is Cleaversoft’s EarthNight, a game I demoed at the Indie Minibooth…
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ANNOUNCEMENT 01 Dec 2016­ by Max Halcomb

Earth’s Dawn Invades Steam This December

Earth’s Dawn, developed by OneorEight and previously released in Japan under “Earth Wars”, throws you into the center of a battle for humankind against a new, terrifying threat from the stars. After decades of peace, Earth is attacked and ravaged by an advanced alien race known as the E.B.E (as a conspiracy buff I’m assuming…
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Earth’s Dawn

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ANNOUNCEMENT 29 Nov 2016­ by Max Halcomb

Underzone Gets a Debut Trailer

Here's something to add to your watch-list fellow gamers, the debut title from Strike Gamelabs seems to put a very interesting cyber punk twist on the common roguelite sidescrolling genre. The game reminds me of the recent sleeper hit, Inside, with influences from 70s sci-fi styles similar to Headlander. Underzone immediately does one thing right that…
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