Worbital – Release Date

Team Jolly Roger, the developers behind the outstanding Interplanetary have announced that their new game, Worbital will be releasing 31 January 2019 for PC. As a spiritual sequel Worbital inherits the same interplanetary artillery combat style of its predecessor but with a more comical aesthetic.
GAME PROFILE 17 Jan 2019 by Jay


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NEWS 02 Aug 2017­ by Lee Braden

Interplanetary Bombardment Has Never Been So Much Fun

Team Jolly Roger has announced that they are bringing in today the enhancements to their planetary bombardment game Interplanetary, which is a turn-based strategy artillery game where you build up power plants and then heavy weapons and launch massive attacks on your enemies, using gravity wells to assist or hinder progress. There are single-player and…
GAME PROFILE 02 Aug 2017 by Hendrik


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