REVIEWS 06 Aug 2019­ by Jay Shaw

Metal Wolf Chaos XD

Metal Wolf Chaos XD is a fifteen year old Japanese exclusive, original Xbox mech game created by everyone’s favourite digital torture artisans, From Software. With their recent work, and prior work on the Armored Core series, Metal Wolf Chaos XD has some huge boots to fill. Does it live up to the “greatest nation on…

Metal Wolf Chaos XD – Animated Launch Trailer

By some unfathomable dark ritual, Devolver Digital have managed to make an animated launch trailer as spectacularly stupid and cheesy as the game it's advertising. Check it out above to hear a voice actor shout “Richaaaaard!” in a way that probably caused the director to weep in shame, and yet it's perfect. Metal Wolf Chaos…

Metal Wolf Chaos XD – Retrospective Trailer

Check out the new retrospective video about From Software and Metal Wolf Chaos. The ludicrous mech shooter from 2004 is fairly unknown in the west, but soon coming to PC and modern consoles on 6 August 2019.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD – Releasing August

The eagerly awaited Metal Wolf Chaos XD has finally gotten a release date of 6 August 2019. If the new trailer above, the utterly insane story and cheesy voice acting is wholly intact and as glorious as it was 15 years ago.
GAME PROFILE 04 Jul 2019 by Jay

Metal Wolf Chaos XD

Check out this game profile to learn more.