Where The Heart Leads – Coming to PC

Armature Studio has announced that their surreal narrative adventure Where The Heart Leads will be leaving PlayStation exclusivity for the greener pastures of the PC. In the game players shape the life of a family man experiencing the important moments of his life as he travels through time. Where The Heart Leads is coming to…
GAME PROFILE 30 Nov 2021 by Jay

Where The Heart Leads

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ANNOUNCEMENT 06 Sep 2016­ by L Coulsen

ReCore ReLease TrAiler

With just a tad shy of a week to go, Microsoft have given us a brief look at the kind of game ReCore has developed into. Showing a clear emphasis on platforming, especially via combined use of a grapple gun and the dog type robot companion. The latter running along vertical surfaces with you bobbing…
ANNOUNCEMENT 17 Aug 2016­ by Jordan Fong

ReCore @ Gamescom

ReCore has been an announced game for Xbox One for some time now, but thanks to Microsoft’s recent attempts at integrating Xbox One with the Windows 10, it was confirmed to be coming to PC as well. Yet they still call it exclusive, wrap your head around that one. As we already know ReCore’s primary…
GAME PROFILE 17 Aug 2016 by


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