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Posted on 17 Aug 2016 by
Jordan Fong

ReCore has been an announced game for Xbox One for some time now, but thanks to Microsoft’s recent attempts at integrating Xbox One with the Windows 10, it was confirmed to be coming to PC as well. Yet they still call it exclusive, wrap your head around that one. As we already know ReCore’s primary mechanics revolve around cores. What they are exactly, we’re not sure, but they seem to be both a battery and AI lifeform that can inhabit robots known as CoreBots.

Along with the trailer we also have some reference specs as well. While they aren’t final, they should serve as a good approximation of how it’ll run on your PC.

And last but not least, ReCore has put out an APB on those who’d like to make their own CoreBot. You won’t get your CoreBot in the game, but first place nets you the Collector’s Edition! You can read up on how to enter here.

ReCore will play out as a third person shooter/puzzle game and will be out September 13th in North America and 16th in Europe.

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Comments (5)

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L Coulsen
Posted 19 Aug 2016, 12:40
I've had zero experience with the new Windows Store. And zero desire to change that

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Simon Sirmenis
Posted 18 Aug 2016, 15:21
I wouldn't mind if MS did like Ubi where they still force you to go through their store thingie but i get to download and launch the game through Steam (kind of like GFWL did). Also the fact that Windows Store is still extremely buggy and pretty much a closed platform is another thing that bothers me greatly.

Posts: 349
L Coulsen
Posted 18 Aug 2016, 13:32
I have no issue with exclusive titles. The only thing that bugs me is third party exclusives

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Alex Cicala
Posted 18 Aug 2016, 01:02
@Nteger to expand... All games that are coming out from Microsoft should end up on XONE/scorpio and PC - the only games where that is not confirmed is Halo and Destiny titles... everything else will be on PC regardless of any future trailers that say otherwise

The other discussion to have is how this will affect their focus on console gaming, personally I think removing the hardware exclusive side to allow more people to play the game is good, and as we have seen now with Quantum Break coming to Steam even the Windows Store exclusivity is fading... it will then end up being PC/Xbox VS PS4 when you put it simply, [tbh should be no exclusive titles as thats just stupid and only exists to sell console units]

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Posted 17 Aug 2016, 20:59
It's a Windows exclusive. People need to stop pretending that the XBone is anything other than a mid-level PC or that Xbox somehow competes with PC.