Blair Witch – Insanity Trailer

Spooky lost in the woods simulator Blair Witch has a new trailer showing off some of the story and new gameplay. We still want to see more of the dog though. Blair Witch releases on 30 August 2019.

Blair Witch – Gameplay Trailer

Bloober Team and Lionsgate have released a new gameplay trailer for Blair Witch showing off some of the game's exploration and (gasp) dog. The dog is called Bullet, because we know you wanted to know. Blair Witch is releasing for PC and Xbox One X on 30 August 2019.
NEWS 09 Jun 2019­ by Jay Shaw

E3: Microsoft 2019

Microsoft's E3 show is almost upon us and there's plenty to look forward to for PC gamers. Expect talk of the PC version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo Infinite, and an absolute boatload more as Microsoft have 14 first-party titles and who knows how much more to show off today. On top…