Posted on 08 Jun 2016 by Stephen Haselden

Space Run Galaxy

The Defence

Developer: PASSTECH Games
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Genre: Indie, Strategy, Tower Defense
Platform: PC
Review copy: Yes
Release date: 17 Jun 2016

Space Run Galaxy is the sequel to the 2014 game Space Run, and a refreshing take on the tower defence genre. Do not mistake SRG for a “cheap casual game”; it may have familiar mechanics, bright colours and an almost childish innocence (there are some not so innocent jokes in there) about it, but the gameplay is to Tower Defence as GTA2 is to first person shooters.

Like its forerunner, Galaxy takes place in space with you as the captain of a ship hauling freight contracts for various corporations and shady dealers. The characters you take contracts for are all larger than life and hilarious; this game is certainly not short on charm. Each contract you take up requires you “race” to a destination as fast as possible but that’s only half of the challenge. The other half is keeping you and your freight intact throughout the journey.

Obviously in this cheesy version of “Space Truckers” (but somehow still classier than the film) space is inundated with pirates and competitors hell bent on getting your cargo. As you progress and destroy threats, you collect more Hex Nuts, which can be used for adding more components to your ship. Another thing to note are the various “skill” abilities that each component has; all of these are powerful, manually activated abilities that can make a huge difference in the toughest situations.

Shoot everything that moves – problem solved.

Space Run Galaxy is a nail biter, just like its predecessor. The tension builds as more and more threats appear. You take satisfaction not just in the wanton destruction of pirates and bosses, but in also in how efficiently you design your ship, how fast you complete each run, crafting new components, redesigning your ship (hexes and colour included), and even setting contracts for other players.

That’s right, SRG has gone MMO! Not in a ‘let’s live in another world’ way, but in a very friendly ‘let’s help some other players’ way, because some rewards and upgrades are only possible through completing tasks for other players. When you start to collect your own freight, having other players move it around is usually the best solution.

SRG has taken Space Run and expanded on it through re-balancing, re-designing, re-running features from the original, and finally adding tons more replayability. Space Run Galaxy is set for release on the 17th of June and it’s a hell of a ride. I suggest you don’t miss it.

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Posted 09 Jun 2016, 06:15
Ahh Space Run. I really should install that and have another run through...