World War Z – Release Date Announcement

Posted on 12 Feb 2019

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s gameplay reveal, we’ve got a release date for Saber Interactive’s World War Z: 16 April 2019 on PC (via the Epic Games store), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Check out the shiny new announcement trailer above.

Official Press Release

Saber Interactive’s World War Z launches April 16 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Windows PC

Pre-order the highly anticipated co-op action game today and get the Lobo Weapon Pack

Saber Interactive, in partnership with Focus Home Interactive, has announced that World War Z, the highly anticipated co-op shooter inspired by Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster film, will launch on April 16, 2019, for the PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Windows PC via the Epic Games store.

To celebrate our announcement of the long-awaited release date, World War Z is now available to pre-order! Full pre-order info can be found at:

All pre-orders of World War Z will come with the Lobo Weapon Pack at no extra charge. This special in-game loot drop features golden skins for three weapons – the ARK-103 assault rifle, Keris V10 SMG and 1911 Protector – as well as the ultimate zombie-slaying tool, the Lobo melee weapon, a dual-bladed spade perfect for making mincemeat of the undead.

Powered by Saber’s dynamic Swarm Engine™, World War Z unleashes hundreds of fast-moving, bloodthirsty zombies at a time for a one-of-a-kind action experience. Outlive the dead through intense four-player co-op campaign missions around the world and battle both zombies and real human opponents in competitive, team-based Players vs Players vs Zombies (PvPvZ) multiplayer. Play in co-op with up to 3 friends using six distinct classes and an arsenal of deadly weapons, explosives, turrets and traps to decimate the undead and live to fight another day.

World War Z will launch April 16, 2019 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Windows PC via the Epic Games store. For more information, visit and follow the game on Facebook at, Twitter @WWZTheGame, and Instagram @WWZGame.

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