Well, Now You Are Enlisted Soldier

Posted on 12 Dec 2016 by
Lee Braden

Continuing with their near-accurate games, Gaijin Entertainment has teamed up with Darkflow Software to release Enlisted. Taking the realism that we see in War Thunder, and also in Blackmill Games’ Verdun, you will play as a soldier in a unit with objectives and fight near-historical battles down to the last man.

Going away from with the usual “15 v 15″ or “30 v 30” gameplay we see, Enlisted aims to create a game where you have to complete objectives in unbalanced terms, yes you will be fighting against other people, but you will have to do so as if you are in that situation. One scenario that is shown is the famous 6/June/1944 in France, I can’t say what beach that is, but just realize that the German’s on that day had the better defenses, bigger guns and were able to inflict heavy casualties because of their bunkers.

Enlisted allows you to be one of the poor squaddies engaging the heavily defended position, your wits and unorthodox tactics will be needed to win, rather than what we see in other WWII games. So, if you want a WWII version of Verdun, then head on over to Enlisted’s website and help fund the game. Just remember, this game isn’t going to be your usual WWII shooter fair, this game is as close to war as you are going to get behind a computer.

While there is funding goals, they are the goals required to make new and better content. With the fidelity of the Dragor Engine (War Thunder, advanced version of the IL-2 Sturmovik engine) weapon trajectory and explosive radius will be very detailed, and you will need to account for long range drift, or heavy recoil more than we see in other shooting games.

I have played War Thunder for a couple of years now, and whereas Gaijin have gotten better at balancing, I will admit that Darkflow Software is new and untested, but they claim to be veteran game designers, and I do like the idea of more realistic games.

Hopefully we will see Enlisted become the forefront of realistic WWII games, even though the genre has been put to death with the Battlefield and Call of Duty style games, but those weren’t realistic, maybe just maybe something will come out of this.

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