Watch_Dogs 2 Predicts When You Will Die

Posted on 12 Nov 2016 by
L Coulsen

Using an algorithm from Cambridge University, Ubisoft have taken what could have been a really cheap and cheesy marketing gimmick…and made it kinda’ interesting akshully. Introducing the Watch_Dogs 2 Predictive World, which the above trailer seems to be implying will be a part of the actual game. At least thematically. By accessing your Facebook, or from data you input manually, the algorithm makes predictions about your life ranging from likelihood to smoke cannabis, to your intelligence and, yes, even the age you are most likely to die.

Now, it’s not perfect (these things never are) what with its 36% probability of me getting married (which I already did, this January) and it putting me at 177cm and 82kg (I’m…above both of those figures, shall we say) but it has sliders for you to change the less subjective things. And it’s actually rather interesting to play around with. So go give it a try.

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