Wartile, Strategic Encounters in Early Access

Posted on 18 Mar 2017 by
Stephen Haselden

Wartile has just been released on Early Access. This re-imagining of D&D, aims to bring all the detail and strategy of your favourite dice driven adventures, up to speed with modern inventions. Surprisingly, instead of being a turn based game, Wartile is “phase” based, with a timer that constantly ticks down phases of the game, and automatically moves “pieces” (characters) when each phase is reached.

Although their Kickstarter project was unsuccessful last year, Playwood Project decided to push forward with Wartile and have produced some of the most attractive and alluring environments this explorer of digital worlds has come across. After just one day on Early Access, Wartile have already received some very positive feedback, along with some criticism too.

Like all the best devs making the most of Early Access, Playwood are encouraging these criticisms and answering with details of upcoming plans and adjustments: “Thanks for the detailed feedback it is very useful for us. I am just going to leave a few answers on some of your points that we already are working on.”

  • We are planning to implement a blacksmith/shop where players can go and spend their looted money on new equipment or other types of goods.
  • Battle boards are designed to have a general playtime of around 15 minutes, as we like them to deliver an “short” and isolated challenge. We are however already implementing optional quest cards on the boards that will work like a difficulty setting, meaning they can be harder to complete, that also will increase playtime of each board if the player chooses to solve them.
  • We know the difficulty is really easy at the moment and we are adjusting the Hillside & Coastline battle boards as we speak to deliver you guys a true challenge.
  • We are still tweaking the different classes, right now the player can to some degree customize the figurines by choosing stats, ability cards and equipment to fit a certain role.
  • Equipment looted in the battle boards are added to your equipment in the unit management scene. Most equipment still need a good balancing we are working on this.

This is very encouraging news and it’s clear that this game is going to attract more gamers than just the D&D crowd. It’s also clear that Playwood Project are very passionate about their game and have some remarkably talented people on their team, so I wish them well with Early Access, and I’ll be paying very close attention to whatever they create after this too.

Official Press Release

Copenhagen, Denmark – March 17, 2017 – Playwood Project’s medieval tabletop-inspired real time strategy game Wartile is now available on Steam Early Access. Featuring stunning, highly detailed digital dioramas and innovative, tactical gameplay, Wartile takes players on a journey through intricately crafted environments as they lead a hoard of Viking warriors through a series of beautifully detailed battle boards, each with its own story and lore.

“We’re thrilled to finally launch on Steam Early Access and confident that Wartile’s impressive digital dioramas and unique gameplay will bring something new and visually jarring to the RTS genre,” said Michael Rud Jakobsen, Founder and Creative Director of Playwood Project. “The combined effort from all the team, not to mention the initial praise and reaction from press and community, has kept us going for many months and we are excited to see what players think of our efforts thus far!”

Wartile is a single player and multiplayer real time tabletop inspired game for PC with a strong turn based flavor. The game replicates the feeling of playing a tabletop game but with a tactical edge and more immediate combat. Each Battle Board is an intricately realised digital diorama complete with tiles that allow players to strategize their tactical moves and attack in real time. Units are fully customizable with armor, weapons and new stat tokens that players can pick up throughout the game by completing special challenges. Stat tokens provide points that players can add to their characters’ stats which unlock when players level up and are found in each of the various Battle Boards in the game. Players can add a tactical slant to their close quarter and ranged combat moves by utilizing Ability cards and Godly cards as their figurines gain more experience and by completing special Battle Board objectives. Godly cards and abilities can be assembled by the player before engaging in battle and used during combat. These cards can easily change the course of the fight should the odds be stacked against their favor.

The game eventually plans to include a wide range of detailed environments, including Norwegian mountains, murky swamps, rocky English coastlines, dark dungeons and sweeping grasslands. Wartile also allows players to unlock and collect an array of different characters, all with different combat abilities to provide a choice of tactical options before they embark on each quest.

Wartile’s beautifully realised digital dioramas and innovative game mechanics aim to bring a wholly unique and refreshing perspective to the RTS genre. Players will be challenged to utilise their Viking figurines carefully in both ranged and hand to hand combat as they navigate each Battle Board toward their objective. Wartile will also be making an eagerly awaited appearance at EGX Rezzed in London’s Tobacco Dock in the Unreal Showcase Zone from the 30th March through to 1st April.

Wartile is available now on Steam Early Access priced $19.99, €19.99, £14.99. A 10% discount offer will be in place for its first week on sale.

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